Worst First Dates with Brett Blake and Kelly Fastuca

Kelly Fastuca and Brett Blake

Join Comedians Brett Blake and Kelly Fastuca as they take turns in taking each other on the Worst Dates Possible!!!! As well as roasting comedians about there horrible Dating/Sex stories!!! It's the worst!!! worstfirstdatespodcast@gmail.com https://www.facebook.com/worstfirstdatespodcast/ https://itunes.apple.com/au/podcast/worst-first-dates-podcast/id1316012755?mt=2 @kellyfastuca @brettyblake Joins us on facebook for worst first dates after dark!

IVF is sh*t. what a nightmare!! we chat to Actor/ everything about shit dates and the unforeseen drama of IVF!!! this has to be one of the most intense chats so much so Brett shuts his smart arse mouth!!!! amazing ep !!!!

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This week we have the hilarious comedian Liz Miele joining us all the way from New York!! We chat about getting kelly's eggs harvested, how cat cafes shit Brett, Koala patting is the best, working women on the road and how 22 year old women are amazing !!!

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This week we have Luka Muller with us and we chat about dating a mates sister, orgasms on the toilet, breaking up on a holiday and hopw fairy floss is now a dating website.... oh and kelly has a bad date lol

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This week we have online dating superstar Ali, known in the media as the ‘The Ultimate Tinder Addict’ or the egg who got BANNED from Tinder or face of the Shattered by Five Simple Words meme. Its a ripper episode... finally some one who can keep up with kelly. We also chat about smug married people, 2nd hand men, 10's on tinder, dating deal breakers and of course Ali's worst dating story!!!!

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Its Brett's Bday show and we have all around good guy Sam Petersen joining us!!! We chat about crazy gifts from fans which Brett steals, apparently Brett's a jerk, kelly gives Brett a dressing down and How Brett Ruined someone else's birthday according to kelly!!!! its the Bretts shit show .... also sam has a horrific date !!! xo

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