Why Me?

Where science meets music

Why Me? documents a collaboration between microbiologist Dr Marta Ciechońska and drummer / composer Simon Roth. It explores how the microscopic connects to the macrocosmic in both of their lives and work.

Talking about classification, separation and commonalities. Conscious vs subconscious thought and how that translates into science and music, relationships, you name it...

Simon and Marta discuss the event they put on. Thinking ahead to what else can be explored in events. Systems-based thinking. Plans for the podcast. 

Simon and Marta plan their upcoming event at KELDER project space. Sorry about the wind!

Creativity and the subconscious. The nature of collaborative relationships. Emotional investment and detachment with our work. Mindbody - the mind and body as one interconnected thing. Connecting with an audience.

The bias behind defining life. Also thinking about choice and communication in relation to the self.