Welcome To Television

A light-hearted look inside, around and slightly below TV in Australia.

Have you ever been watching TV and thought "I wonder what three idiots think of this". Well, you are in luck. Stu, Mick and Monty take a look at what is happening in TV in Australia and then they speak about that look, hopefully in an entertaining and informative way but more likely in a way that makes you say "These guys have a show?"

What an action-packed episode! TV tidbits, World Cup thoughts and old people sex. Tantalising or what?

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Mick, Monty and Stu are back to bring you more guff in another episode of the least informative TV podcast on the internet, Welcome to Television.

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Another week, another attempt to bring you the aussie TV news in an informative, amusing way. I say attempt with good cause, so you know ......

Headlines and Waffle clock as well as a new segment and a surprise in the mailbag!

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Mick is back to join Stu and Monty to discuss the #roseannemeltdown as well as all the other important (and unimportant) TV news of the week.

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More silliness as Monty and Stu look at the weeks TV tidbits including royal wedding, weatherpeople and generational arguments.

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