We've Got Nothing Better To Do

...and let's be honest, neither do you.

Six guys talk about movies, tv shows, video games, comics, and everything else entertainment because, well, we've got nothing better to do.

Week 10! Our first Retro Review! Star Wars! Episode 1! Listen! Now!

Join the HYPEBEASTS as we talk about what we're hyped for this year, including Avengers, Pokemon, Godzilla, Stranger Things and more! You've got nothing better to do...

Join the boys as they discuss George Lucas being very lucky and very rich, superhero anime, and the new movie, Spider-Man Into The Spider Verse!

Join the guys as they talk about the live-action Sonic movie, Pixar's new project, Stranger Things 3, Smash Brothers, and more!

We're back! We discuss the Avengers: Endgame trailer and the future of Captain America in the MCU, the new Blade Runner anime in development, and all the announcements and award winners from the 2018 Game Awards! Also Fallout: 76 sucks.