We're all Wicked

Discussing the weird parts of the internet

Discussing the weirdest parts of the internet; what could possibly go wrong? Welcome to the We're All Wicked Podcast, where we lose faith in humanity one topic at a time for the amusement and bewilderment (and occasional disturbance) of the listener.

We're All Wicked comes back with a redemption arch of a DeviantArt narcissist...

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In the first instalment of the mini duology of error, Mr. Wicked exposes his friend to one of the darkest people internet has to offer. Enter at your own risk.

Nick Bates PedoPoop lolcow horrorcow The Great Plague

Wicked recounts a story of a Tumblr creep and ruins a weekend in a process.

James Terry Mitchell Jr. lolcow horrorcow Tumblr TheKillingJoke

Wicked and Darren discuss the degeneracy of Bulbapedia and their dark past on the internet.

Guest: Darran Kern

Pokemon Roleplaying Weird Internet Internet Controversy

...And Satanic panic AND gaming panic. Join me and the special guest Director Arketer in the special Friday the 13th recording where we discuss creepy stories and the human ability to blame other things.

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