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True Crime Discussion Podcast

Discussing the darkest of humanity with internet content creators...What could go wrong? Welcome to the We're All Wicked Podcast, where we expose you to the darkest humanity because someone has to do it.

We're All Wicked returns with a fresh coat of paint to discuss a Youtuber turned mass shooter Andrew Blaze. Featuring Broski, a co-host of the morning show Morning Decay.

True Crime True Crime Discussion Andrew Blaze Ember's Ghost Squad EGS Eaton Township Weis Markets shooting Mass shooting

We're All Wicked comes back with a redemption arch of a DeviantArt narcissist...

Bad art Deviant Art narcissist lolcow explicit Internet history eccentric people

In the first instalment of the mini duology of error, Mr. Wicked exposes his friend to one of the darkest people internet has to offer. Enter at your own risk.

Nick Bates PedoPoop lolcow horrorcow The Great Plague

Wicked recounts a story of a Tumblr creep and ruins a weekend in a process.

James Terry Mitchell Jr. lolcow horrorcow Tumblr TheKillingJoke