War for Idiots

A podcast about war for idiots, by idiots.

Two idiots attempt to understand the complexities of War using their own, unique senses of dark humour and complete idiocy. We can't guarantee you will learn something, but we can guarantee you'll laugh at an idiot...at some point...we hope. From the team that brought you The Dead Prussian.

The idiots review one of 2017s biggest war films, Wonder Woman.

The idiots grapple with the staff officer's nightmare, the Centre of Gravity...

Thanks CvC...Thanks.

Clausewitz gravity Carl von Clausewitz staff centre centre of gravity

The idiots study the lead up to the attack on Pearl Harbour in the Second World War.

pearl harbour attack yamamoto japan second world war world war two

The idiots try and understand manoeuvre theory and whether it is different from attrition.

manoeuvre attrition

In this episode the Idiots attempt to understand the difference between the character and nature of war/

nature character war clausewitz echevarria