War for Idiots

A podcast about war for idiots, by idiots.

Two idiots attempt to understand the complexities of War using their own, unique senses of dark humour and complete idiocy. We can't guarantee you will learn something, but we can guarantee you'll laugh at an idiot...at some point...we hope. From the team that brought you The Dead Prussian.

The idiots review the Netflix movie of the moment, War Machine.

brad pitt war machine netflix movie review

The idiots tackle the topic of Mission Command. A topic that is often discussed, often painful, and, maybe, a little misunderstood.

mission command military culture prussian german leadership auftfragstaktik

The Idiots try to understand what 'strategy' is. Try being the operative word...

strategy wfi idiots war

In this, the first of the review episodes, the idiots review the movie, Hacksaw Ridge. They are no Pomeranz & Stratton, but they do have an opinion.

Hacksaw Ridge Mel gibson war movies idiots review WFI

Have you read The Peloponnesian Wars? Our idiots have, or at least parts thereof. That's right ladies and gentleman, it is time to go Greek!

Thucyiddes greek pelloponesian sparta athens melian