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Listen and Learn from the Voices and Stories of the Global Church

In the "Voices of the Global Church" podcast, Dr. Graham Hill interviews leading Christian thinkers from all over the world about faith, worship, prayer, discipleship, witness, and more. Most of these Christians come from the Majority World (Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, Oceania, etc.). The focus is on listening and learning from World Christianity, and renewing the global church. You can find more resources at www.theglobalchurchproject.com

Darrell Jackson and Graham Hill talk about mission shaped by love of God and neighbour, and by life renewed by the Holy Spirit. The Global Church Project podcast episode #142. On https://www.theglobalchurchproject.com

In addition to talking about what mission looks like when it is shaped by love of God and love of neighbour, and by life renewed and empowered by the Holy Spirit, Darrell and Graham also discuss these topics: (1) A biblical theology of mission. (2) Rejecting the secularisation of mission. (3) Developing holistic mission, including combining social justice and evangelism. (4) The missional challenges facing the global church, and the church in the West. (5) What global movements of people mean for the church and mission today. (6) Developing poly-centric, dispersed, and poly-phonic (multi-voiced) mission. (7) Highly relational and intentional approaches to interreligious and multiethnic settings. (8) The challenge of nationalism and the hope of solidarity for faith and mission. (9) Creation care as mission. (10) Confidence, humility, and mission as gift received and given. (11) Combining Spirit and mission. (12) Developing cultural intelligence and skills for mission today.

Darrell grew up on the Isle of Man. He has thirty years of ministry experience in pastoral, denominational, cross-cultural, and educational settings. He worked in Hungary, and around Europe, and has mission experience in China, Ireland, the Czech Republic, and Zimbabwe.

He is the Secretary of the Australian Association of Mission Studies, a Mission Commission Associate of the WEA, a member of the International Association of Mission Studies, serves on the Executive of the Lausanne International Researchers’ Network, is a member of the Editorial Board of Lausanne Global Analysis, a member of the National Leadership Team for Missions Interlink in Australia, and is a missiological consultant to Global Interaction (the Australian Baptist Mission Agency).

Darrell is a global leader in the study of missions in Europe and Asia, and in diaspora missiology. He is married to Beth Johnson Jackson, who pastors a local church in Sydney, Australia.

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Ali Abu Awwad and Graham Hill talk about "Painful Hope: Seeking peace, reconciliation and hope, through nonviolent solutions to conflict." They talk about fostering grassroots movements of understanding, nonviolence, reconciliation, peace, and transformation among Israelis and Palestinians. The Global Church Project podcast episode #141. On https://www.theglobalchurchproject.com

Ali Abu Awwad is a Palestinian peace activist and advocate for religious, ethnic, and political reconciliation, and nonviolence. He is the founder of Taghyeer (Change), a Palestinian national movement promoting nonviolence to achieve and guarantee a nonviolent solution to the conflict. His story has been featured in at least twelve documentaries, including two award-winning films, “Encounter Point” and “Forbidden Childhood.” Ali Abu Awwad is currently finishing his memoir called Painful Hope, an account of his experiences as well as his strategy and vision for the Palestinian future. You can read more about his life here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ali_Abu_Awwad

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P Bonny Resu and Graham Hill talk about how the church can take the whole gospel to the whole person in the Asia Pacific today. They discuss the ministry of Asia Pacific Baptist Federation (APBF), and also the growth, vitality, and mission of the churches of Nagaland. The Global Church Project episode #140. On https://www.theglobalchurchproject.com

Bonny Resu recently retired from the role of General Secretary of the Asia Pacific Baptist Federation; a position he filled for 20 years. His vision is to strengthen the unity and mission of the churches of the Asia Pacific, so that they are one body with one vision: to reach the Asia Pacific for Jesus Christ with the Good News of the gospel. He says, “Over 4 and a half billion people live in the Asia Pacific, and many of these are waiting for the great salvation revealed only in Christ Jesus. Let us celebrate, together, our unity in Christ, and work together to strengthen the church and its witness.”

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Steve Scott and Graham Hill talks about art, mystery, and mission in the globally connected world, and how the church can honor, enjoy, and express faith through the creative arts. The Global Church Project podcast episode #139. On https://www.theglobalchurchproject.com

This world is globally connected, but also increasingly disruptive. Creativity and innovative thinking are vital to the wellbeing, mission, growth, and flourishing of the church. But what about art, beauty, and mystery? Where do they fit in the conversation? How do art, beauty, and mystery help renew local churches, restore our worship, and enhance our mission? How can we reimagine the place of beauty and the creative arts for Christian ministry? In this interview, Steve Scott helps us explore these important questions.

Steve Scott is a British (US-based) poet, musician and artist. He is an international leader in missional thinking in the Christian arts scene, influencing, advising and recording diverse artists from around the world. An MA in Global Leadership (Fuller) Steve has a focus on how Johns Gospel informs the Gospel and culture conversation. See http://canaorg.net/

“Steve Scott is a rare individual who combines a deep love and understanding of Scripture with a passion for the arts." - Steve Turner, author of The Gospel According to the Beatles.

Professor Dr Hyun Mo (Tim) Lee and Dr Graham Hill talk about shining the light of the gospel of Jesus Christ in Asia today. The Global Church Project podcast episode #138. On https://www.theglobalchurchproject.com

Professor Dr Lee and Dr Hill discuss a wide range of issues related to sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ in Asia. These include:
  1. Serving Jesus in Asia, which is the least evangelized continent in the world.
  2. Moving from the triumphalism of Western mission, and the colonialism of Western cultures, to becoming a humble and global Christian religion that honors Asian churches, theologies, and cultures.
  3. How truth is seen in many Asian cultures, and what that means for Christian faith, theology, and witness in Asia.
  4. Balancing the need for contextualization and the dangers of religious syncretism – a challenge in Asia, and in all cultures.
  5. The differences between Christian understandings of God and Buddhist (and Eastern religious) understandings of "ultimate reality."
  6. How eternal life and suffering are understood in Asia, and what that means for Christian mission and discipleship in Asia today.
  7. How the Sermon on the Mount resonates with Asian worldviews.
  8. The fact that in Asia the credibility of the teacher (the person) is of ultimate importance – someone's teaching is only accepted if the person is honorable. In the West, it is ok for the teacher to be flawed if their teaching is wise and true (the message is more important than the messenger, and the teaching is more important than the teacher). But, in the East, the opposite if often true! In Asia, it is ok for the teaching to be flawed if the teacher is wise and noble (the messenger is more important than the message, and the teacher is more important than the teaching). What does this mean? It means that, in Asia, the credibility and honor and character of the teacher is of utmost importance.
  9. Contextualizing the gospel, theology, and theological education for Asia – and contextualization done by Asians themselves.
  10. Developing a missiological approach to theological education and training in Asia today.
  11. What God is doing in Asia today, and where the greatest needs are in Asia (so that the church might serve those needs).

Professor Dr Hyun Mo (Tim) Lee is a global authority in Christian missiology. He opens up new horizons for 21st century mission, not only for Korea and Asia, for all around world. Since 1993, Dr Lee has taught missiology at Daejeon Korea Baptist Theological University and Seminary. He worked as the leader of the World Mission Training Centre for 11 years, and has been instrumental in training and releasing thousands of missionaries all over the globe. Dr Lee is a member of the Korean Evangelical Missiological Society as well as the chairman of the missions and evangelism committee of the Asia Pacific Baptist Federation.

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