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Ed Blakely has served in different capacities under a succession of presidential administrations, has guided government policy on urban planning and is a widely cited academic. My name is Sean Britten, and each week, Ed and I have a chat about what’s the latest news out of the United States, talking everything politics, planning and policy from sea to shining sea.

"He has lost the plot entirely, he's only there trying to save his own skin, he is not leading the nation."

Donald Trump has been criticised for a slow and indifferent response to the death of four US soldiers in Niger as well as attempting to paint former Presidents Obama and Bush as doing less regarding fallen soldiers, launching yet another war of words with a Gold Star family and the former administrations. George W. Bush has even broken with the tradition of former presidents to criticise Trump in all but name, and Trump seems to be becoming more isolated and unhinged. Plus, Puerto Rico, the latest on Mueller and the Russian probe and after a massive failure on healthcare, what next for the Republicans' tax agenda?

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"To save his own skin, to get this Russian thing behind him, he will attack North Korea... No one will have anyone to turn to but him in a situation like that, and he's willing to do that to save himself."

More of nature's wrath in California and New Orleans, what has the government response looked like? Meanwhile, outgoing Republican Senator for Tennessee Bob Corker has expressed concerns Trump is leading us into World War III and Trump has reportedly asked about the possibility of America's nuclear arsenal tenfold, back to its Cold War peak. Also, the latest on Puerto Rico, ties with Israel and the Russia investigation.

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"He's not the President of the United States, he's the President of about 30% of the United States, and that's all he wants to be..."

This week, Ed has a few harsh words for President Trump in the wake of the horrific Las Vegas massacre and multiple failures in Puerto Rico. Meanwhile, what's the Republicans' next move on healthcare following their inability to pass a vote to repeal and replace Obamacare? The latest on the Mueller investigation and what the expulsion of Cuban diplomats from the US means for relations between the two nations.

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"What the guys are saying is, we really love the United States and this is one way of showing it. There are problems of race and we're trying to bring them to your attention with what we have, and that's our name and our ability."

Trump's attacks on former 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick and other protesting NFL players, a far-cry from the kind of hedged language used against Nazis and white supremacists in Charlottesville, seem to have backfired with more sport stars taking up the challenge. Off the field, Republicans' "last-ditch" efforts on repealing Obamacare have also failed and tax reform could leave an even bigger hole in the deficit. And was Senator Luther Strange's loss in Alabama a victory in disguise for Trump? 

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"Impeaching him might be easy, removing him from office might be very, very hard.."

President Donald Trump has threatened to "totally destroy" North Korea if Kim Jong-un doesn't back down from his latest threats, making the leaders of the two nations harder and harder to tell apart. So will we see any peaceful resolution to the situation? Plus Puerto Rico as the 51st State, Mueller smells blood in the water around Paul Manafort and Republicans' 'last-ditch' effort on an Obamacare repeal.

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