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Ed Blakely talks about the state of the US

Ed Blakely has served in different capacities under a succession of presidential administrations, has guided government policy on urban planning and is a widely cited academic. My name is Sean Britten, and each week, Ed and I have a chat about what’s the latest news out of the United States, talking everything politics, planning and policy from sea to shining sea.

"People need to feel they're working towards an agenda of unity, the agenda that Abraham Lincoln talked about... When you can't believe that anymore the fabric of the nation starts coming apart."

Following Charlottesville, America seems in crisis about what kind of country it wants to be and how to get there, and the White House does not appear to be helping steer the ship. Meanwhile, Trump has made some unexpected comments about military intervention in Venezuela, unsupported by the US Department of Defense. In his growing need for distraction, is the president developing a taste for war?

"We'd have to have supreme intelligence to knock down every one of those rockets."

An escalation in the war of words between President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un have some questioning whether the United States is on the brink of nuclear war. How likely is that to be the case? Plus, the New York Times believes we could be seeing a Pence 2020 presidential campaign and former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort has had his home searched by the Mueller investigation, on the hunt for tax documents and foreign banking records.

"It appears that Donald Trump Jr and Jared Kushner have been involved in laundering money, taking bribes or giving bribes, and avoiding in several countries and stashing money around the world... Mueller is using the threat of sending those people to prison for a long time."

The Mooch is out and John Kelly is in, but is there any end in sight for chaos in the White House? More leaks to the Washington Post of Donald Trump's conversations with other world leaders says no. Meanwhile, with a federal grand jury becoming a part of the investigation is Robert Mueller following the money surrounding the Trump family and likely indite the President himself and his associates on RICO charges?

Have you ever thought about this? All during the American financial crisis, the Trump empire kept tooling along. Now, where's the money coming from? It wasn't coming from US banks, it wasn't coming from banks that we know about, but it looks pretty clear it came from Russian banks..

Ed and Sean talk the Trump agenda, where has it gone amidst turmoil over healthcare and the failed attempts at a travel ban? Also, Donald Trump Jr and Paul Manafort to testify before a Senate judiciary committee on July 26th, and unfortunate news for presidential nominee John McCain.