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Celebrating this here freelance and business life

Originally, this show was going to be called "unashamedly hacking through the business jungle" on account it mixed together my three (yes 3) business endeavours- Unashamedly Creative, Hacking Happiness and the Freelance Jungle. But it suddenly dawned that it sounded like a D grade reality TV about coders forced to live in the wilds of the Queensland Hinterland and get naked with their laptops. Not really sure anyone wants to see that. This is your show to tune into tips on how to crack the freelance and business matrix and not lose your mind to stress in the process. It may also contain traces of my frustration as a working freelancer in Australia. As well as multiple ideas that I should probably have kept to myself but have chosen to air. Here's hoping some of this is useful.

Bringing together a panel of experts who not only freelance but also work hard for the vested interests of the Australian freelance community, The Future of Work is Freelance is about exploring freelancing in an honest and positive way.

We’ll cover landscape such as what it’s like to freelance in Australia, the challenges faced plus a special highlight on key areas such as developing a client base, presenting yourself well in the market, managing stress and issues, and finding the right support on your journey.

This panel discussion is designed to give you proper information on how to freelance well in Australia while also having your voices heard on the future of freelance. Whether you are considering taking the plunge or you’re an old salt in the freelance world, we welcome you. 

Featuring Monica Davidson from Creative Plus Business, Cameron Rambert from Freelance Australia, Rebekah Lambert from the Freelance Jungle and Lara Lightfoot as compere


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Regulars to the Freelance Jungle will recognise Cyndi as the person who jumps in to offer advice and a few handy links. She's s smart go getter who has come from a varied freelance background. Now she's turning her super powers to the law. And so she's popping in to help us minkies wander around the legal jungle. 

Cyndi Tomlinson was a filmmaker and writer supporting herself as a board level PA until 2008 when she decided to go to law school. Now she is writing for businesses to support her studies as she works towards becoming a Barrister. Her company, tomlinson online is the solution to her business and life needs as well as yours. Need research, writing, or administrative assistance? Go to http://www.tomlinsononline.weebly.com/

PLEASE NOTE: This is not in place of legal advice. It is advice on navigating the legal landscape around freelancing and creative work. It is designed to help you find sources of aid you need.

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