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Originally, this show was going to be called "unashamedly hacking through the business jungle" on account it mixed together my three (yes 3) business endeavours- Unashamedly Creative, Hacking Happiness and the Freelance Jungle. But it suddenly dawned that it sounded like a D grade reality TV about coders forced to live in the wilds of the Queensland Hinterland and get naked with their laptops. Not really sure anyone wants to see that. This is your show to tune into tips on how to crack the freelance and business matrix and not lose your mind to stress in the process. It may also contain traces of my frustration as a working freelancer in Australia. As well as multiple ideas that I should probably have kept to myself but have chosen to air. Here's hoping some of this is useful.

Bringing together a panel of experts who not only freelance but also work hard for the vested interests of the Australian freelance community, The Future of Work is Freelance is about exploring freelancing in an honest and positive way.

​Includes entire discussion complete with Q and A 

Bringing together a panel of experts who not only freelance but also work hard for the vested interests of the Australian freelance community, The Future of Work is Freelance is about exploring freelancing in an honest and positive way.

We’ll cover landscape such as what it’s like to freelance in Australia, the challenges faced plus a special highlight on key areas such as developing a client base, presenting yourself well in the market, managing stress and issues, and finding the right support on your journey.

This panel discussion is designed to give you proper information on how to freelance well in Australia while also having your voices heard on the future of freelance. Whether you are considering taking the plunge or you’re an old salt in the freelance world, we welcome you. 

Featuring Monica Davidson from Creative Plus Business, Cameron Rambert from Freelance Australia, Rebekah Lambert from the Freelance Jungle and Lara Lightfoot as compere


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Australian freelancers are a giving bunch and a surprising number of us volunteer on tasks large and small. We often enjoy using their freelancing skills in community, NFP, arts and other causes.  

We volunteer in subjects as wide as puppy raising, mental health and kid's literacy. The school system sees us back the future generation just as much as major organisations receive pro bono projects. 

Choosing to volunteer can help with connections, reducing stress, grounding, growing skills and more. But in a profession where time is indeed money and the hours are often all consuming, how can you freelance and volunteer at the same time?  

We explore the who, why, how and what it takes of the volunteering world with 3 special guests and your host. 


Kylie Saunder 

Kylie has been a freelance SEO copywriter for 8 years in Melbourne. With a Bachelor of Arts, she’s worked in marketing & HR for companies like Motorola and Amcor. When her father died at only 56, she changed paths and studied fitness & Pilates before setting up several businesses. After selling her studio, she wanted to use her marketing & writing skills again and set up her freelance business. For the last 4 years, she’s volunteered for Seeing Eye Dogs Australia as a permanent puppy carer.




Lou Merrington

Lou Merrington runs Pure Arts Communications, which provides communications and outreach training and consultancy services to universities, companies, community groups, researchers and practitioners working in the humanities, arts and social sciences.

Lou holds a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) a PhD in international relations. She has worked as a journalist, strategic analyst, editor, facilitator and university communications manager. She is the author of Greythorne and Communications for Volunteers: Low-Cost Strategies for Community Groups.



Canberra's https://www.facebook.com/safeshelteract/

Andrea Rowe

Your Coastal Connection is the business name for creative copywriter, content crafter, and strategic freelance communicator Andrea Rowe. She's also known as The Coast Writer. She's based on the Mornington Peninsula where she gets her coastal living fix. Andrea has 25+ years experience in communications with a background in journalism, PR and media management, a swag of successful client communication projects, and an ability to reign supreme over the scrabble board!  

She's the co-founder of  the Peninsula Writers’ Club, an active parent volunteer and uses her skills pro-bono to support the Australian of the Year.  

Rebekah Lambert- host

Rebekah Lambert is a content marketing freelancer at Unashamedly Creative. She’s also the founder of Hacking Happiness, a project designed to remind Australian businesses & professionals that stress has a productivity cost. As the founder of The Freelance Jungle, an online and offline social club designed to support Australian freelancers, she continues this message of community support and stress reduction through focusing on ending the isolation inherent in sole employment.

Rebekah is currently training as a Crisis Supporter for Lifeline Australia, spent 12 months as part of a joint COSBA and Beyond Blue work group tasked to improve the mental health outcomes of Australian small business, and is an Assistance Dogs Australia relief carer. When she’s not talking business and stress reduction, she’s exploring the wonders of Wollongong and the Illawarra. 

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Ever wanted to get into podcasting but weren't sure how? Have you been wondering about what an audience looks for in audio education? 

Well, you're in luck because the Freelance Jungle has Jennifer Macey on the case.

Making a killer podcast with Jennifer Macey 

Jennifer Macey is a freelance journalist and podcast and radio documentary producer with more than 15 years experience, based in Bulli, New South Wales. Her radio work has aired on DW-Radio, ABC Radio, Pacifica Radio and KCRW.

She’s covered UN Climate Change conferences, the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg, reported from Indonesia on the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami, talked to the Archbishop of Krakow about Poland joining the EU, met members of Cologne’s Nazi resistance movement, interviewed elephants and their keepers and heard extraordinary tales from everyday people.

She’s currently producing the Australia Institute’s podcast Follow the Money, This Kid Life a podcast for children for the Sydney Opera House and an oral history podcast in the Illawarra. Jennifer has previously made an internal training podcast for the NSW Department of Family and Community Services. Her work has won the Judges Pick Prize in the Audiocraft short feature challenge and has won third prize in KCRW’s 24-hour Radio Race 2016. She is an alumnus of Varuna the National Writers House and has run podcasting workshops for adults and kids at Wild Rumpus in the Illawarra. 

Impressed? I am! 


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Every so often, a story comes along that begs to be told. That is the story of our next Zoom participant, Kylie Travers. 

Kylie and I met through the Freelance Jungle as I tapped and poked at her determination to only accept work you felt you were worth. Agreeing with Kylie yet in a mood to test this resolve, I asked strong questions. She never shied away and convinced me of her ability and nous when it came to asking for what she was worth. 

Ambling around the internet in another group, I found the very same person sharing candidly, honestly and with respect her story of moving from homeless domestic violence survivor to self employed CEO. Her aim was to inspire other women, squash the stigma and assumptionsurrounding both homelessness and family violence. And to give hope to those who found themselves facing adversity of all kinds that things can and do get better. 

It was then I knew I had to bring Kylie to the virtual talks part of the Jungle to share her story. 


Kylie Travers has gone from homeless single mother because of domestic violence to multi-international award winning CEO. Kylie has a passion for travel, finance and her family. She has turned her obstacles into opportunities, been an advocate for various charities and now focuses on writing, public speaking and mentoring about goals, motivation, travel, finance and the steps to take to create a life you love. 

Her methods have enabled many to increase their income, travel more, increase time with their family and in general live happy, fulfilling lives. Through what she has achieved Kylie has won numerous awards. 

She is currently based in Melbourne, Australia and you can find her athttp://www.kylietravers.com.au/

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