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Samsung have announced pricing for their 8K QLED TVs which will hit Australian stores next month - so just how much are you willing to pay, and who are 8K Screens aimed at? Apple has an event in two weeks - TV subscriptions? News paywalls? What to expect?
Samsung Galaxy S10 reviews - the good the bad and the awesome, BenQ's True 4K Projectors, Alcatel's kids watch, the Vending machine for Uber passengers and Stephen's minute review

Well, the hype didn't last long for Samsung - Trevor and Stephen discuss the amazing response to Huawei's folding phone the Mate X and how this could well be the most exciting technological innovation period since the start of the Smartphone. They talk 5G everything including networks, and handsets, and take a look at what's happening with Smartphone cameras too.

Everything you need to know about the all-new Samsung Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10+, Galaxy S10e as well as the S10 5G, the Galaxy Fold, the Galaxy Buds, the Galaxy Watch Active and the Galaxy Fit - yep, the biggest launch event ever!

The boys discuss Stephen's top five phones under $500 and why they are each worth of consideration, Tesla has updated to allow your dog to sit in comfort while you head to the shops, Trev tries the Huawei Watch GT and has a long go at it, Steve buys a crazy Sony Projector, Trev not sold on the Mac Mini, Netflix brings to iOS what Android already had and D-Link takes aim at Arlo

Research firm Telsyte have looked at the market for Smartphones and reckon sales in 2018 were way down, and it's because we're put off by the higher prices - plus there's a sense of something big coming, the blokes discuss that this week. Plus, Facebook is 15 years old - so is it a good thing or a bad thing in our world? Stan has upped their prices, raising questions for you, Sonos have an in-home built-in ceiling and wall mounted speaker solution, Audible is bringing back the power of the word and some minute reviews.