Two And A Half Gays

Two And A Half Gays

An all-inclusive podcast, for the modern-day millennial kween. “Two And A Half Gays”, an audible sensation (aka podcast) is the brainchild - and possibly the only child - these three individuals will have together. Each week, Dino, Quinlan and JJ have dedicated their time to deliver a weekly podcast discussing whatever the mood takes. This is a Podcast is for everyone regardless of gender, sexuality, race, beliefs, likes and dislikes and thoughts if pineapple belongs on pizza. With guests and stories, they will regret sharing, send your cochlear on a refreshing listening experience.

This week Dino and Quinlan are joined by Ella, an up-and-coming Australian media personality and actress, to talk about her bi-sexuality. Quinlan talks about a recent RuPauls episode he watched, which left him questioning the use of Asian accents. Dino discovers the underground Voguing culture which has sprung up in Australia. Not to mention the Britneys new musical, the Jonas Brothers are back and so much more! So you better get listening now!!

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Join Dino, Quinlan and Inger this week as they discuss a range of topics from finding a cure to HIV, priests who take advantage of the power given to them and end up doing some terrible stuff and the Oscars. Not to mention Inger discusses what its was like for her growing up Queer in Norway. Quinlan takes a glimpse into horror films and their portrayal of mental health. Also Dino discovers a kinky side of the internet. So much content packed in one episode, you better get listening now!!

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This week JJ, Dino and Quinlan are joined by Hattie who discusses what its like to be exploring and discovering their queer identity and challenging societies gender norms. Dino talks about subreddits taking their power back and making it a more safe and positive experience for all and Quinlan revisits a school yard saying that has haunted him. Plus so much more!!

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Listen in as Dino, Quinlan and JJ discuss the new Aladdin film, interview their good friend Alex about his life in Australia as a gay man and how this has impacted his relationship with his father back home in China. Plus Quinlan explores why Asian accents aren't seen as romantic and Dino talks about the new porn movie inspired by lego and so much more! This is not an episode you will want to miss!

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Join Quinlan, Dino and JJ on their first episode of their podcast which no one really asked for, but is very much needed. Listen in as they discuss if Fortnight concerts are the future of entertainment, Ariana Grande, Ted Bundy and whats been occurring in the PopCulture world and more. So why not lend an ear and send your cochlear on a refreshing audio experience.

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