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Your monthly window on the fascinating world of travel, tourism, wining and dining.

Every month Ren Zwiers brings the best of travel interviews from reporters and shows in Australia and overseas. Our contributors include Around the World Radio/TV (California, US), Travel Writers Radio (Australia), Travelbites Radio (Northern Ireland) as well as Geoff Harrison and Frances Beasley.


1: Geoff Harrison chats with Normandy France tourism boss Fran Lambert. 2: Travel Writers Radio host Graeme Kemlo interviews Linda Carter on Christmas Island tourism. 3: Around the World radio host Arthur von Wiesenberger is joined by studio guest Richard Torin who chats about his recent trip to the UK capital, London. 4: Geoff Harrison interviews Stef Kerkhof to find out all there is to know about the popular Holland Pass scheme. 5: Veronica Matheson (Travel Writers Radio) finds out which are the most popular shows onboard the Emerald Princess cruise ship from Entertainment Officer Matt Thompson.

normandy france christmas island london united kingdon stef kerkhop holland pass linda cash richard torin veronica matheson matt thompson stef kerkhof


1: Geoff Harrison meets Irish radio personality Enda Caldwell in an Irish bar at Amsterdam, Netherlands. 2: Graeme Kemlo (Travel Writers Radio) chats with Adventurer of the Year Michael Smith who undertook an epic recreation of the floatplane flight route between London, UK and Sydney, Australia. 3: David Gordon (Travelbites Radio) visits Burns Cottage in Ayrshire, UK. 4: Max Hartshorne ( chats with the Around the World Radio/TV team in Santa Barbara, CA about his recent trip to Japan.

enda caldwell adventurer michael smith floatplane burns cottage robert burns ayrshire gonomad japan


1: Geoff Harrison chats with Winston Defreitas from Bateaux London Cruises. 2: Graeme Kemlo interviews Stuart Bell who is one of Tripadvisors leading review posters (Travel Writers Radio). 3: Ren Zwiers presents this month's Aus Travel News. 4: The team in Santa Barbara feature guest Gabe Saglie, Travelzoo's senior editor, who calls in from Arizona (Around the World Radio). 5: Kirstie Bedford chats with Tourism New Zealand's Rene de Monchy (Travel Writers Radio).

bateaux london cruises tripadvisor arizona tourism


1: Host Ren Zwiers intros the show and describes his recent South Pacific cruise with Royal Caribbean's Legend of the Seas visiting Vanuatu and New Caledonia. 2: Geoff Harrison visits the Ice Bar in London and chats with marketing manager Tom Hunter. 3: Frances Beasley describes the historic Italian town of Verona. 4: Sue Ahearn from Travelwriters Radio interviews renowned Australian demographer Bernard Salt on public transport connectivity to Australia's airports. 5: The Around  the World Radio team led by Arthur von Wiesenberger chats with Mike Thiel about the French city of Lyon. 6: Geoff Harrison meets Winter Olympics medallist Patrick Ortlieb at the Montana Hotel in Oberlech, Austria.

royal caribbean cruiselines vanuatu new caledonia ice bar london verona italy airports lyon france oberlech austria


1: Geoff Harrison chats with Gilles from La Pain Quotidien, The Rocks, Sydney. 2: Ren Zwiers interviews Ben Southall about his journey from Singapore to London and his latest trip to Nepal. 3: Graeme Kemlo chats with Ruth Galace of Matilda's Australian Frozen Berries (courtesy Travel Writers Radio and IFWTA). 4: Max Hartshorne outlines the fundamentals of travel writing (courtesy Around the World Radio). 5: Geoff Harrison interviews Hubert Schwarzler of Lech Tourism, Austria. 6: Frances Beasley visits the city of Padua, Italy.

la pain quotidien sydney ben southal nepal max hartshorne hubert schwarzler lech tourism austria padua