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Your monthly window on the fascinating world of travel, tourism, wining and dining.

Every month Ren Zwiers brings the best of travel interviews from reporters and shows in Australia and overseas. Our contributors include Around the World Radio/TV (California, US), Travel Writers Radio (Australia), Travelbites Radio (Northern Ireland) as well as Geoff Harrison and Frances Beasley.

1: Geoff Harrison chats with dancers from the famed Moulin Rouge, Paris. 2: Veronica Matheson (Travel Writers Radio) meets Getaway reporter Catriona Rowntree. 3: Max Hartshorne (Around the World Radio/TV) discovers eco-tourism in the Caribbean. 4: David Gordon (Travelbites) sends an audio postcard from Bruges, Belgium. 5: Geoff Harrison chats with New York local Tiffany Townsend.

geoff harrison moulin rouge veronica matheson getaway catriona rowntree max hartshorne caribbean bruges belgium david gordon

1: Geoff Harrison meets Irish radio personality Enda Caldwell in an Irish bar at Amsterdam, Netherlands. 2: Graeme Kemlo (Travel Writers Radio) chats with Adventurer of the Year Michael Smith who undertook an epic recreation of the floatplane flight route between London, UK and Sydney, Australia. 3: David Gordon (Travelbites Radio) visits Burns Cottage in Ayrshire, UK. 4: Max Hartshorne ( chats with the Around the World Radio/TV team in Santa Barbara, CA about his recent trip to Japan.

enda caldwell adventurer michael smith floatplane burns cottage robert burns ayrshire gonomad japan

1: Geoff Harrison enjoys the Jordaan Festival in Amsterdam. 2: Ren Zwiers has details of a photographic competition run by the Nature Conservancy Australia. 3: Veronica Matheson (Travel Writers Radio) chats with Royal Caribbean's Cameron Mannix about the cruiseline's newest ship, Ovation of the Seas which is heading for an Australian season. 4: Martha Bull and Arthur von Wiesenberger (Around the World Radio) discuss the highlights of Maui, Hawaii. 5: David Gordon (Travelbites Radio) continues his roadtrip of Central Florida.

Jordaan festival ovation of the seas maui hawaii florida travel

1: Geoff Harrison visits Knebworth House, England and meets the 'Lord of the manor', Hon Henry Lytton Cobbold. 2: David Gordon from Travelbites Radio travels through Central Florida (US) and stops at Funspot theme park and Lakeridge Winery. 3: Graeme Kemlo of Travel Writers Radio interviews Melbourne restaurateur Michael Cole about the growing popularity of the South Wharf Restaurants precinct. 4: owner/editor Max Hartshorne talks about his recent trip to Grand Manan Island, New Brunswick in this segment from Around the World Radio/TV. 5: Veronica Matheson of Travel Writers Radio chats with David Nye from the Visit Britain campaign. 

knebworth house england florida lakeridge winery south wharf melbourne grand manan island visit britain ren zwiers david gordon max hartshorne geoff harrison

1: Geoff Harrison chats with Will Smith from Silverstone Auctions, UK. 2: Graeme Kemlo interviews Brendan Bevan from Arkaba Wild Bush Luxury Lodge, Flinders Ranges. 3: David Gordon highlights the roadside attractions in Florida, US following his recent roadtrip in that state. 4: Veronica Matheson of chats with Andrew Cavallaron of Papua New Guinea Tourism about the easier access to visas for visiting PNG.Some segments courtesy of Travel Writers Radio, International Food Wine and Travelwriters Association and Around the World Radio.

silverstone auctions arkaba flinders ranges florida papual new guinea png