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Every month Ren Zwiers brings the best of travel interviews from reporters and shows in Australia and overseas. Our contributors include Around the World Radio/TV (California, US), Travel Writers Radio (Australia), Travelbites Radio (Northern Ireland) as well as Geoff Harrison and Frances Beasley.


1: Geoff Harrison reports on the recent Gay Pride Parade in Amsterdam (Netherlands). 2: Graeme Kemlo (Travel Writers Radio) chats with Douglas Ward of Berlitz Cruise Guide. 3: Frances Beasley explores the cities of Austria. 4: Legendary Fawlty Towers star John Cleese who is currently tourring the US with former Monthy Python cohort Eric Idle reveals some of his travel-related pet hates to Around the World hosts Arthur von Wiesenberger and Martha Bull. 5: Graeme Kemlo returns, this time chatting with Kristin Henning about her trip to Croatia.

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1: Geoff Harrison chats with Werner Fritz at the Cheese Hause in Montafon, Austria. 2: Arthur von Wiesenberger and the Around the World Radio team interview Rebecca Brand about her castle-stay in northern Scotland. 3: Travelbites Radio host David Gordon, based in northern Ireland, meets renowned travelwriter/author and broadcaster Cash Peters. Their main topic is Cash's time as a Hollywood (CA) resident. 4: Travel Writers Radio host Graeme Kemlo learns about a start-up website called Seatfrog from its CEO, Ian Griffin. 5: In the final segment the ATW crew returns with guest Max Hartshorne (owner of who has details of his recent trip to Croatia.

cheesehouse montafon austria scotland cash peters seatfrog