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Your monthly window on the fascinating world of travel, tourism, wining and dining.

Every month Ren Zwiers brings the best of travel interviews from reporters and shows in Australia and overseas. Our contributors include Around the World Radio/TV (California, US), Travel Writers Radio (Australia), Travelbites Radio (Northern Ireland) as well as Geoff Harrison and Frances Beasley.

1: Geoff Harrison visits the Wellington Hotel in New York.

2: Graeme Kemlo from Travel Writers Radio in Melbourne chats with correspondent Kristan Henning about her recent Viking cruise to Russian destinations including St Petersburg.

3: David Gordon from Travelbites sends an audio postcard from Denver, Colorado.

4: Arthur von Wiesenberger and Martha Bull from Around the World TV in California chat with US author and adventurer Jerry Holl about his marathon bike ride from Alaska to the Mexican border.

5: Veronica Matheson from Travel Writers Radio learns about the Dining in the Dark restaurant chain.

wellington hotel new york viking cruise russia denver colorado bike ride alaska mexico dining in dark st petersburg travelshow

1: Geoff Harrison chats with Kahmal Quert of Molovos in Wellington, New York City. 2: Graeme Kemlo (Travel Writers Radio) interviews travel writer Kevin Moloney on his recent trip to Thessaloniki, Greece. 3: David Gordon (Travelbites) visits Cheyenne, Wyoming in the US. 4: Arthur von Wiesenberger (Around the World TV) takes us on a visit to Zurich, Switzerland. 5: Mike Marr (Travel Writers Radio) visits the luxurious Versace Hotel on Australia's Gold Coast.

Molovis new york thessaloniki kevin moloney cheyenne wyoming zurich switzerland versace gold coast

1: Geoff Harrison chats with Frederick Sigbjornsson from Rekavic Excursions in Iceland. 2: Sue Ahearn from Travel Writers Radio visits Couran Cove Resort on South Stradbroke Island, offshore from Queensland's northern Gold Coast. 3: The Around the World crew in California interviews Matthias Kramer who is an expert on everything 'Switzerland'. 4: Sue Ahern discovers the Granite Belt, and the town of Stanthorpe, during her recent trip to south east Queensland. 5: Geoff Harrison is in New York where he chats with Michael Carty from Rosie O'Gradie's Irish pub.

rekavic iceland couran cove south stradbroke switzerland stanthorpe granite belt queensland new york irish pub geoff harrison travel podcast

1: Geoff Harrison learns about the New York City Airporter bus service. 2: Graeme Kemlo (Travel Wrriters Radio) chats with Katrina Lawrence, author of 'Paris Dreaming'. 3: Laurel House visits Punta Mital, Mexico (courtesy of Around the World Radio & TV). 4: Graeme Kemlo interviews Australian blogger Megan Jerrard.

geoff harrison new york city airporter graeeme kemlo paris dreaming laurel house punta mital mexico traavel tourism podcast

1: Geoff Harrison chats with Eric Borg about Pure Lapland. 2: David Gordon (Travelbites Radio) visits Burns Cottage, Ayrshire. 3:Frances Beasley takes a trip to Novi Sad, the second biggest city in Serbia. 4: Graeme Kemlo (Travelwriters Radio) interviews renowned mountaineer Tim Macartney-Snape about ethical tourism. 5: Max Hartshorne from visits Japan. 6: Discover the delights of the Netherlands.

lapland burns cottage novi sad serbia tim macartney-snape japan netherlands