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We chat with plastic surgeons, cosmetic surgeons, patients, laser companies and clinicians about a variety of procedures, including tummy tucks, breast augmentations, rhinoplasty, facelifts, and a whole lot more. Our motto is #patientsafetyfirst #choosewisely #ItsUpToYou We research and check all the surgeons, doctors, practitioners, devices and treatments we put on the Hub. All plastic surgeons listed on the website are registered with the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) so we can ensure the surgeons we refer our readers to are appropriately trained and experienced. Our website has one of the largest plastic and cosmetic surgeons and cosmetic practitioner directories in Australia and consumers can find suitable practitioners by various search criteria including location or areas of expertise, or by searching under a specific surgery, device or treatment We aim to connect our readers to the most appropriate surgeon for their needs. The Plastic Surgery Hub researches and provides objective but factual information on surgery, procedures, current trends and news relating to the cosmetic and plastic surgery and aesthetics industries in order to better inform our readers. We believe the more informed our readers are about the various surgeries and treatments on the market; the better able they are to make choices about what is right for them. We advise our readers that surgery is a serious matter that should not be entered into lightly, and believe all consumers considering surgery or cosmetic treatments should be aware of the risks and possible side effects as well as the benefits and outcomes. The Hub is also a place for people to discuss their concerns, fears and experiences with plastic and cosmetic surgery. We believe that there is a significant lack of support for people undergoing surgeries and cosmetic treatments and The Hub provides a platform for those hard to ask questions and topics to be openly discussed, anonymously if desired. Our forum creates an environment where people feel supported and can share their stories with others going through the same experiences.

I chat to Shaun Baldwin from Klinic Solutions about Factor 4 and Lipogems - amazing rejuvenation treatments that use a totally autologous method to get results. They use no additives at all making them a safer and more natural option for those of us worried about what we're putting into our bodies. This is a really interesting interview, especially for those wanting to look younger and the best version of you!!

Lipogems Factor 4 Klinic Solutions

Dermaplaning is taking Australia by storm. It's everywhere we look. Why are we loving this treatment so much - what exactly is it and what does it do? I caught up with Leanne, one of Dermaplane Pro's busiest trainers, who also operates Sydney Mobile Medispa, about why dermaplaning with Dermaplane Pro is such a popular treatment.

Dermaplaning Dermaplane Pro Sydney Mobile Medispa

I recently visited Australia's first LED lounge in Melbourne, VIC and it's absolutely amazing. Focussing on LED light treatments for skin rejuvenation and regeneration, the results they are getting are really exciting. For anyone who hasn't had an LED light treatment yet, get onto it! I caught up with Leelah from St Skin to talk about their clinic and how it all came about.

LED Light Treatments St Skin

Tara and her husband struggled to conceive and during the process her weight fluctuated. They finally had a beautiful little girl however Tara was left unhappy with her body. She realised diet and exercise wasn't going to be enough. Already having had minor procedures with Dr Mark Edinburg, Specialist Plastic Surgeon, Tara went to him for a Mummy Makeover. She had a breast lift with implants, a tummy tuck and some liposuction. This is a story many women will resonate with.

Dr Mark Edinburg Mummy Makeover Abdominoplasty Breast Lift Breast Implants Liposuction

Dr Andrew Greensmith, Specialist Plastic Surgeon at Melbourne Institute of Plastic Surgery does more augmentations with Motiva implants than anyone else in the Southern Hemisphere! We wanted to chat to him about why he chooses to use Motiva implants and what makes them stand out from the others. Motiva Implants are said to achieve a more natural looking breast and are leading the way when it comes to implant safety. Not only that they cater to the rise of more active women - Motiva Implants are able to work with a woman's body when they are at the gym or doing any activity they love to do. It's all explained here ....

Motiva Breast Augmentation Active woman Motiva Implants Implants