This Retro Life

Telling the stories of vintage souls in a modern life.

This Retro Life is dedicated to telling the stories of people who are bringing the lifestyle, fashion, collections and music back from a bygone era. Meet some of the best modern day pinups, burlesque dancers and vintage collectors and hear the stories behind why they are make this modern life a little more retro.

Think pops of pink, orange, brown, green and all the clashing patterns in the world - that's the colour pallete of Nicole from Tiara Clara's vintage life. Thrifting is in her genes, so it's not surprising she now sells vintage pieces from the 1960's and 1970's.

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His mission is to bring Rockabilly culture to the world and he's doing it through the worlds biggest festival, Viva Las Vegas. Meet man behind the event that brings rockabilly, burlesque and vintage fans from around the world together each and every year. This is Tom Ingram's vintage story.

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Loving vintage is about extending life. About taking something old and giving it years more love and life. Like the old photos that Liz Gruening-Hay from The Vintage Inn finds and shares. A family photo taken in the 50's get a new lease on life on Liz's blog - along with the rest of her extensive vintage passion.

The come in bright blues and greens and yellows, but just how much can a radio from the 1950's tell us about the family who owned it? Alot, according to Allen Chiang from Retro Radio Farm. He has found a passion for restoring and modernising radios of old to keep the old pieces of technology alive and find homes for these old beauties.

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Bonjour! This week we're off to Paris to meet a Ukranian with a passion for vintage fashion, icons and photography. In just a few years she's become a vintage influencer with big dreams. Meet Daria Nelson.

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