The You Project

The You Project is your weekly dose of inspiration and education hosted by Craig Harper and guests

The You Project is a 45-60 minute weekly dose of inspiration and education hosted by Craig Harper with great stories, ideas, strategies and lessons from high-performers in sport, business, science, media and health.

Haters, Saboteurs, Self Doubt and Wasted Potential. What started out as a simple Q and A, turned into a high intensity inspiration session as Craig whipped himself into a coaching frenzy! If you're after a self-help cuddle, don't listen to this. If you're sick and tired of fucking around, tune in.

Let me say up front that this conversation is way more fun than it sounds! A week or so back, I was on a new podcast called ‘The Mental Health Project’ with a bloke called Tristan Simmons and I’ve decided to share our chat here because I think there’s value in it for my audience. I knock back most Podcast offers (for time reasons) but knew a little about Tristan, so wanted to support his foray into the space. He has a history of mental health challenges and this Podcast is part of his own healing and a way of connecting with others dealing with similar issues. I loved this chat. BTW, if you enjoy ‘The You Project’ please tell your friends. And if you haven’t subscribed yet, hurry up!

At 15, Jack Nagle was a six foot six elite athlete, from a loving middle-class family being groomed for professional sport. A few years later, he was a 62 kilogram self-destructive, psychotic, skeletal ice addict stealing from anyone and everyone to feed his habit. At 28, he’s been clean for seven years and in this episode of The You Project, Craig and Jack explore some of his fascinating experiences, stories and insights.

Champion netballer, business woman, speaker, author, recent competitor on ‘The Block’ and now host of Channels Nine’s ‘Women’s Footy’ show, Bianca Chatfield is back discussing all things performance, purpose, passion, persistence and a few things that don’t start with ‘P’.

This week on The You Project, Craig chats with one of the world's best Bodybuilders, the freaky Josh Lenartowicz about all things bodybuilding, competition, mindset and life. It was a fun chat.