The You Project

The You Project is your weekly dose of inspiration and education hosted by Craig Harper and guests

The You Project is a 45-60 minute weekly dose of inspiration and education hosted by Craig Harper with great stories, ideas, strategies and lessons from high-performers in sport, business, science, media and health.

This week Craig chats with extreme human Matt Daniels, who explores his physical and mental outer limits by doing crazy shit like running 55 marathons in 55 days and 535 half-marathons in 535 days.

This is an interesting (and fun) one. Craig went deep, exploring (1) what it means to ‘live our values’ (2) his thoughts on intimate relationships (good grief) (3) starting a speaking career (4) when to ‘unfriend’ in the real world (5) managing our mind (6) creating habits (7) fear of injury (in training) and lots more….

Managing You: Looking for Process, Meaning, Purpose, Alignment and Happiness. This episode is a little different. Over the last month I’ve been recording an audio program (which will go on sale soon). This episode is a section of the program that I won’t be using because there’s too much overlap (repetition) with some other sections. This is the raw audio without the polished editing, so you’ll hear some occasional breathing, sniffles, pauses and other normal human stuff. Nonetheless, I think you’ll find it valuable. Perhaps listen to it with a pen and paper as I ask some questions. Enjoy, Craig.

This Episode is about turning and idea into a thing. An intention into an action. It’s about exploring talent and potential. Developing skill. Creating opportunities. Navigating professional relationships. It’s about vision, passion and energy. It’s about two young creatives building a business, brand and team. It’s about Josh and Tommy who have hilariously and ironically called their small media company, Big Media Company.

On this Episode of The You Project, fellow Podcaster Hayden Wilson interviews Craig about his personal journey from fat, insecure, over-thinking fourteen year-old to mildly-successful, lean, insecure, over-thinking fifty-five year old.