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Australia's number one Fake Crime Podcast - The Wallet Inspectors believe you can learn a lot about the content of a person's character by the contents of their wallet.

This week we take a look inside LISA NICOL’s wallet and talk to her about her (Sydney Film Festival Audience Award winning) documentaries and her (CBCA Book of the Year Award winning) children’s books!

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Primarily known as the bass player for Australian metal band LORD, Andy Dowling has spent the last ten years touring nationally and internationally whilst being assigned designated band and tour manager, merchandise kingpin, booking agent, social network whizz, beer appreciator and all round chatty guy. His podcasts has seen Andy speak with fellow musicians, pilots, professors, TV hosts, radio personalities, documentary filmmakers, community leaders, authors, actors and more. Andy is endorsed by ESP Guitars, DSL, and Dean Markley.

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Professor Lisa Harvey-Smith  is a television presenter, live stage host, speaker and MC with an extensive knowledge of astronomy and physics. She has performed in sold-out theatres across Australia with science superstar Neil deGrasse Tyson and Apollo astronauts Buzz Aldrin and Gene Cernan. She has appeared at the World Science Festival, Vivid Ideas, Sydney Mardi Gras and the Sydney Science Festival.

Lisa was a presenter on ABC Stargazing Live and appeared as a guest on BBC Stargazing Live. She has appeared in numerous documentary series including Brian Cox: Life Of A Universe and ABC television's Todd Sampson's Life on the Line.

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Do Farts Smell in Space? (with astronaut Captain Gene Cernan)

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