The Wallet Inspectors

Australia's number one Fake Crime podcast

Australia's number one Fake Crime Podcast - The Wallet Inspectors believe you can learn a lot about the content of a person's character by the contents of their wallet.

Primarily known as the bass player for Australian metal band LORD, Andy Dowling has spent the last ten years touring nationally and internationally whilst being assigned designated band and tour manager, merchandise kingpin, booking agent, social network whizz, beer appreciator and all round chatty guy. His podcasts has seen Andy speak with fellow musicians, pilots, professors, TV hosts, radio personalities, documentary filmmakers, community leaders, authors, actors and more. Andy is endorsed by ESP Guitars, DSL, and Dean Markley.

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Adam is a regular on Melbourne radio with SEN, 774 ABC and Triple M, and has written for some of Australia’s favourite TV shows, including Spicks and Specks, Before The Game, The Front Bar and The Weekly with Charlie Pickering. 

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Petr Lebedev is doing a PhD in physics education. He is endlessly fascinated by nature and shares this passion with his audience. He’s a regular on Dr Karl’s podcast, been a researcher on a Discovery Channel show, and appeared on ABC Radio National!

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Steve Minnikin is an Australian politician who is the State Member for Chatsworth and the LNP Shadow Minister for Transport and Main Roads.

Steve has a Business Degree from the University of Queensland and obtained a Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma and a Masters Degree in Property Economics at QUT. As a respected manager, businessman and lecturer Steve has a reputation as a hard worker and is committed to being a strong advocate for the residents of Chatsworth.

Steve is always willing to listen to the issues of the community. Steve brings hard work, vision and a common sense ‘hands on’ local approach to Chatsworth, and is determined to work as a team player to improve the lives of Chatsworth residents.

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