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Australia's number one Fake Crime Podcast - The Wallet Inspectors believe you can learn a lot about the content of a person's character by the contents of their wallet.

Petr Lebedev is doing a PhD in physics education. He is endlessly fascinated by nature and shares this passion with his audience. He’s a regular on Dr Karl’s podcast, been a researcher on a Discovery Channel show, and appeared on ABC Radio National!

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Abby Howard grew up in North Carolina and has been drawing comics since age 13, spending her summers locked away in her room working on one project or another, convinced this would be the one to get her to the Big Time. She went to McGill University to study Evolutionary Biology, but after being a contestant on the web reality show Strip Search, she was able to follow her dreams of becoming a cartoonist, and ditched all that book learnin'.

She now works full time between The Last Halloween, Junior Scientist Power Hour, and various side projects-- including her two podcasts, The Sistertime Podcast (a show about forgotten children's shows and movies, co-hosted by her sister Maddie) and Scared Yet (a discussion of the horror genre co-hosted by fellow webcartoonist, Kris Straub). She likes cats and doesn't get out much. She has seen every horror movie.

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Steve Minnikin is an Australian politician who is the State Member for Chatsworth and the LNP Shadow Minister for Transport and Main Roads.

Steve has a Business Degree from the University of Queensland and obtained a Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma and a Masters Degree in Property Economics at QUT. As a respected manager, businessman and lecturer Steve has a reputation as a hard worker and is committed to being a strong advocate for the residents of Chatsworth.

Steve is always willing to listen to the issues of the community. Steve brings hard work, vision and a common sense ‘hands on’ local approach to Chatsworth, and is determined to work as a team player to improve the lives of Chatsworth residents.

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Michelle Zahner has been performing on stage since her early teens, her early roles including a wall, a chicken and a talking zucchini. Michelle has performed in a number of independent productions in Australia; working with companies including Pentimento Productions (THE TRUTH ABOUT KOOKABURRAS, UNDER THE GOD TREE), Vulcana Women’s Circus (THE MAGNIFICENT MONSTER CIRCUS, TIPPING POINT, FLUID), and Black Fox Theatre (THE JEDI RETURNETH, CAPTIVE, OR WHAT YOU WILL).

Since moving to the UK in 2016 she has worked on a number of shorts, and has recently performed on stage with Screen Rebels, and at the Edinburgh Fringe in with New York Company The Representatives.

A Modern Guide to Heroism and Sidekickery is Michelle’s first solo show. It combines storytelling, poetry, comedy, shadow puppetry and physical theatre with a hint of audience participation (the nice kind, where you get to stay in your seat… mostly). She brings to life a brand new hero, whose problem solving skills and affinity for rooftops have gained her a hero’s reputation… and a series of responsibilities she didn’t ask for. Suddenly she finds herself dealing with media hype, impossible expectations, protest groups and sponsorship deals. She doesn’t really understand - Batman never had to deal with this shit!

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Cam Kilgour is a sports manager specifically in rugby union. Cam has traveled the world applying his trade and worked with some incredible people that include, Johnny Wilkinson, Dan Carter, Richie Mccaw and he reveals some incredible stories involving the enigma that is Rupeni Caucaunibuca. Cam’s incredible openness and honesty is what makes him such an great source of comfort for professional athletes , and the old adage “What goes on tour stays on tour” is thrown out the window with his affable nature. It makes for one helluva Wallet inspection. Check it out!

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