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Ladies and podcasts, start your podcasts, and may the best podcast win.

Rhys Nicholson is joined by Kyran Wheatley and friends to discuss his greatest love, Drag. That includes the only thing anybody is talking about in the drag world; RuPaul's Drag Race Season 10. But also, you know, heaps of shit.

First of all - butterflies. We talk butterflies.

Yes it's just family, Nath Valvo, Cal Wilson and Clare Hooper join Kyran Wheatley and Rhys Nicholson to go over everything from the grand finale.

Not just butterflies, although a lot of butterflies.

Is there space for women in Drag Race? Did Aquaria really deserve to go through to the last round? Has Vixen changed everything? Why must they edit it so badly? All the questions.

This is our last episode of season 1 of The Tuck Shop. We will be back so don't go anywhere and a big thank you to everyone who has been listening, we've had a great time talking Drag with you all. 


Kyran and Rhys


rupaul drag race recap

Nath Valvo is back on the show after about 6 weeks and there's much to catch up on, including who he thinks should still be here at the final four and who should win.

Plus, Vixen walking off the set, Asia going Ru and what does Drag look like withOUT RuPaul?

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Aquaria. Asia. Eureka. Kameron. Who should win?

We go through the latest episode, and each and every queen to figure out who should win.

Is there any pathway at all for Kameron winning? Are Asia's incredible looks enough? As for the full package, can Eureka beat Aquaria to the crown?

rupaul drag race Claire hooper kyran wheatley rhys nicholson

We are joined this week in the Tuck Show by returning extra special guest Cal Wilson.

This podcast is all over the place. There was just so much to talk about, yet also so little. Was this the weirdest episode in Drag Race Herstory? What was going on? 

What was that mini challenge? Was the Maxi challenge triggering? Where is Cracker put her genitals? All important questions. 

There's also some news about Willam and the boys review their recent excursion to a homosexual bar to see Trixie Mattel. Spoiler alert, it was really great.

Have a listen and Tell us what you think in the comments.

Rhys nicholson Kyran wheatley cal Wilson rupaul's drag race rupaul comedy drag drag queens

Rhys Nicholson and Kyran Wheatley dissect everything from episode 10 of season 10 of RuPaul's Drag Race.


We mourn our falling queen, Monet X Change. Perhaps the first where nobody anywhere wanted her to go home. But Rhys and Kyran completely disagree on whether it was the right decision.

Do you have to have been at least heard of to be a "King" of social media? Regardless, some of these makeovers were extraordinary and some were a bit extra.

What was Ru on this episode? She was in a damn good mood walking around the werk room.

Did you know Vanjie is coming to Australia?

Your opinions from the podcast reviews get an airing and we make our predictions for the winners and losers of the weeks to come.


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