The Thing Committee

Australia's foremost committee on things

Regular "Thing" Committee office holders are Josh Withers and Steve Molk. Remaining officer positions are filled in single term sittings by guests.

Joined by the gorgeous Bonnie McFarlane at LA PodFest Steve Molk decides it's reasonable to discuss some of the more intimate matters in a very public place. Are dick pics a thing? Should men talk about private women's business? Does Bonnie really hate her husband as her podcast with beau Rich Vos suggests? There are no real answers - only postulations and premises supposed... just don't come to either Bonnie or Molk for dating advice.

It had to come. It was overdue. Rove McManus and Wil Anderson decided not only was it reasonable for them to take over this episode of the Thing Committee but that there was no way Steve Molk was going to survive with his skin in tact.

It's brutal for its honesty and hilarity and right now Molk just needs a cuddle.

Special Guests: Rove McManus and Wil Anderson.

Sitting 31 of Australia's most authoritative committee on things met at the Laugh Inn, Brisbane, to discuss secret societies and other things, all decided on by the laughable Mick Nevin and Justin Hamilton.

There would be a photo of Mick but he is allergic to cameras, allegedly.

One half of the Comedy Film Nerds, one quarter of the organising committee for LA PodFest, and one hundred percent funny guy Gray-ham El-wood (@grahamelwood) took time out of his crazy schedule to sit with Steve Molk and discuss the joys of running your own podcast festival and how its grown from humble beginnings in year one to adequacy in year two.

So very LA.

Three beautiful women by the pool, sipping and spilling drinks, podcasting up a storm.

Entertainment report and standing up comedian Michele Mahone, Ten News US Bureau Chief Emma Dallimore & newly crowned LA Correspondent for Ten's Wake Up Maude Garrett joined Steve Molk to discuss life in the craziest lane of all in the US. There was laughter, tears, receipts, extreme couponing, hoarding and general vagueness but it all came together for the good of the nation.

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