The Thing Committee

Australia's foremost committee on things

Regular "Thing" Committee office holders are Josh Withers and Steve Molk. Remaining officer positions are filled in single term sittings by guests.

Claire Hooper, Lehmo & Adam Zwar gather to form the Thing Committee this week and the weight of responsibility bears heavily on them. Working in the UK, breakfast radio & exploding bell-ends are the inspiration for decided things and a whole lot more.

Jane Kennedy, Alice Zaslavsky & George Donikian sit down to discuss the big things from a media perspective. Game of Thrones, Vuvuzelas, Rhodesian Ridgebacks - no stone is left unturned as the search for truth and the deciding of things is sought.

Murray Valeriano, comedian and host of the Road Stories podcast, saw fit to sit down with Steve Molk while at LA PodFest and lecture him on life as a comedy writer in the bowels of LA.

More joyous joy from LA PodFest, this time with comedians Jake Johannsen (@jakethis) & of Walking The Room/The Dollop/Guest Charlie Number One fame Dave Anthony (@daveanthony). Confusion reigns as accent wars take place, as does the general consensus that nobody really knows what they're talking about. Steve Molk barely keeps up. Special Guest: Dave Anthony.

A woman who has legal claim to sexual assault by Jay Leno, Kira Soltanovich unloaded on Steve Molk about life as a mum and comedian while trying to deal with tantrums and what self-help books tell you you're supposed to do when your child decides they disagree with you (HINT: It's not murder them).