The Thing Committee

Australia's foremost committee on things

Regular "Thing" Committee office holders are Josh Withers and Steve Molk. Remaining officer positions are filled in single term sittings by guests.

It's not what you think it is. Well, it is a podcast ep recorded in the LA PodFest Squarespace podcasting lounge. It does contain three very funny people in Wil Anderson, Steele Saunders and Dave Anthony (the latter seemingly believing he needs to be on EVERY PODCAST IN THE WORLD).
This episode's things include: is sitting in the world's most annoying room a thing?, Australia being America's bitch, Wil Anderson's Buzzfeed list as a thing & is Ash Williams a thing? (you'll be surprised with the decision on this)... and that moment when Dave Anthony became a thing.
Special Guests: Dave Anthony, Steele Saunders, and Wil Anderson.

Another one from the LA PodFest Squarespace podcasting lounge. Matt Kirshen is, quite frankly, and oddity in LA. A nice, well spoken, seemingly-unencumbered-by-ego Englishman living and working in America on the comedy circuit. Successfully. I KNOW, RIGHT?
In this episode Matt and Steve Molk have decided a range of things just for YOU: Are Benobo penises at thing?, Scottish Independence & Life as a Brit in the US.
Special Guest: Matt Kirshen.

More LA PodFest Squarespace podcasting lounge goodness, this time with Kira Soltanovich (hereafter referred to as 'Da Bomb') and surprise guest Mr Palm Strike Army himself Graham Elwood. Steve Molk sat down with these giants of LA comedy to discuss things like is body modification a thing? (three made-up boobs and all), being the naughty uncle & Are Kiwis on the Gold Coast a thing?... Please ensure you've dialled two zeroes before starting this episode so that when your sides split all you have to do is enter the remaining zero to call for an ambulance.
And as Graham Elwood always says... "I America USA".
Graham Elwood America's USA

We're back from LA PodFest Squarespace podcasting lounge and this time, it's personal... or at least related to a person. Joined by ever delightful Aussie Alicia Malone and the equally as delightful Kentuckian Michelle Mahone this time around Steve Molk got down to business with the ladies sorting out the things, including are Nude TV shows a thing?, is reality TV a thing (Wanna Marry Harry anyone?) and are film remakes a thing (already)? (and we threw in a gritty reboot of Thelma & Louise for good measure). RELAX, FRANKIE. IT'S ALL GOOD.

Jo Stanley, Kate McLennan & Dan Hall sat down in their places at the big table and order was called at the Thing Committee. This is a big one so there's lots of things decided, not least of which if Yasmin ever got married and much, much more.