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After revealing the new Galaxy S10 series and Galaxy Fold smartphones, Samsung has plenty to talk about. Andy catches up with Garry McGregor - VP of Samsung Electronics Australia to go over some of the highlights of the recent announcements.

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Less than 12 months left in support for Windows 7, an Airbag for Cyclists, Tips for 'un-sending' an email and the ultimate note taker for any meeting. All this in under 10 minutes!

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A newly designed XPS 13 Notebook with a groundbreaking webcam, a big year for Alienware systems and a workplace 2 in 1 device that packs some style. Andy chats with Chris Sutphen - Director, Alienware, Gaming and XPS at Dell.

CES2019 dell xps chris sutphen tech daily alienware

What does home security look like in 2019? I recently caught up with Jeremy Stewart from Swann to find. You may find yourself ready update your existing cameras / security after hearing this.
Tech Daily travelled to CES in Las Vegas thanks for financial sponsorship from Intel Australia and Swann Communications.

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Self Driving Cars, 5G Mobile Announcements, updates for your home security cameras and connected a fun brawler style video game available next month. Andy has the latest, including exclusive interview content.

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