The Speculators

The Speculators is a technology and culture podcast where three friends speculate about the stupidest futures possible.

The Speculators discuss issues including but not limited to, machine learning, AI, bots, bionic implants, holograms, virtual reality, smart pants, internet connected toasters, internet connected coasters, memes, the blockchain, the singularity, Terminator 2 Judgement day.

This week we talk about Facebook's creepy new pre-shipping feature, a possible solve for climate change and a way to check if YOU ARE DREAMING RIGHT NOW BRO!

Ex-spec the unex-speculated with Episode 7 of the Speculators! This week, we speculate on the dangers of facial recognition, the excitement of high-powered laser scarecrows, and the implications of one internet user's take on the nuclear apocalypse.
Quickies With Jack:
Wanksy uses dick'n'balls graffiti to improve local infrastructure:

Another big week of Speculating. This week we talk about our star signs, poetic justice for perverts and a whole slew of robot news.

Stop, speculate and listen - it's episode 5 of The Speculators! Join us a we speculate about nostalgia for things we never really liked in the first place, Flippy getting his job back and Domino's pizza going from potheads to potholes.

Hidey Ho Specularinos, welcome to episode 4 of The Speculators! Join us this week as we speculate about the Indian hoaxers harnessing the power of thunder to magnetise rice, Hasbro trademarking the scent of Play-doh to squash the entrepreneurial spirit of homemade candle makers, and the twisted tale of two computer-generated Instagram influencers.
Quickies with Jack:
Fluffy Boi runs for office: Australian Research and Space Exploration or (A.R.S.E): The Melbourne Tupperware Completion Exchange: