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Tips & stories on Tantra, mindful sexuality, self-love & pleasure.

Expert advice and personal stories about mindful sexuality, relationships, the body and looove. From Tantra-inspired practitioner Caitlyn Cook and friends.

What comes to mind when you think of birth?

Is it possible to have great birth experiences? How?!

With birth educator, doula, life coach and counsellor Erika Munton we explore cultural stories and myths about birthing, talk about what supports great birthing experiences in a practical and grounded way, hear realistic expectations for birth and find out about things like ecstatic birth. And as relationships and birthing experiences can take all shapes and colours, this episode is gender-inclusive and supportive to people who have all kinds of birth experiences.

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Physical touch is fundamental to human existence—we physiologically and emotionally _need_ touch. And romantically, it’s one of the big ways we give and receive love and pleasure. How can we maximize pleasure and relaxation, and give and receive the most delicious touch experiences? Myotherapist Clare MacDonald shares science about nerves, sensitivity, pressure, timing, flow and the mind to help you give the most pleasurable, relaxing and healing touch yet.

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We get behind the scenes of sex work with Isabelle Lynd, an independent escort and passionate paramour. Exploring consent, authentic desire, empowerment and ‘seedy’ clients—all the questions you’ve always wanted to ask—Isabelle shares her personal, intelligent and honest ideas about what sex work is like and how she got into it, what’s awesome and not awesome about it, Tantric perspectives on sex work and some practical tips for people who are curious to explore more on either side of the arrangement.

sex work sex positivity consent desire empowerment tantra feminism

Which authors, artists, and musicians inspire you? Friends, entrepreneurs, actors? Lauren Howard-Tripp, entrepreneur, yoga teacher and founder of NamARTste, talks to us about how to access your full power, inspiration, creativity, and confidence through smart archetypes and ancient goddesses. Lauren has geeked out on the Goddesses for a number of years and will share with use who they are and how to utilise them in your everyday life.

goddess archetypes tantra art creativity inspiration support ancient

Ever feel like you’re constantly _doing_ ? Like you’re constantly grasping for the next thing, never safe to relax or just be ‘here’? Mindfulness expert Jossy Jimenez shares the nuances of mindfulness and practical ways you can bring mindfulness into the way you relate to your to-do lists, career, goals, body, and relationships. I felt immediately relaxed and hopeful at every moment of this discussion. Listen and relaaaaax xxx

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