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Two of Australia's favourite parents dishing on the week that was

Celebrities, public figures, insta mums and politicians. All parents, all honest, mostly hilarious. The Parent Panel is the perfect podcast for every grownup with membership to the exclusive parenting club. Two of Australia’s favourite parents come together to dish on the best, worst, and hilarious parts of the week that was; from the news desk to the kitchen sink. Join Shevonne Hunt and her two guests each week. Produced by Elise Cooper.

Graphic designer Beck Feiner and editor of CNET Mark Serrels make parenting hilarious in this episode. They talk about how they divide the emotional load in their families, recount hilarious fights with their own siblings plus how they try to keep their children from killing each other. They take a peek into the past an reminisce about the music and TV from when they were kids, and the two very different ways they try to get their kids to actually go. to. SLEEP!

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Seamus Byrne of ScienceAlert and Amy Taylor-Kabbaz, founder of Happy Mama jump behind the mic to lay out the week that was for parents across the country. In this episode they join host Shevonne Hunt in discussing; My Health Record - should parents be opting out, should you discipline other people's children on play dates, how do you deal with the sheer amount of kids' toys overtaking your home, and when has your well-intentioned cooking turned into a complete disaster.

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How much sleep does a kid need? While The Parent Panelists and Shevonne Hunt take a week away from the mic, we've got a special episode of a brand new Babyology podcast everyone parent should listen to. Ain't That The Truth with paediatric emergency nurse and CPR Kids founder Sarah Hunstead helps sort fact from fiction when it comes to raising a healthy family. The first episode looks at just how much sleep a child needs per day.

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Luke Escombe, front man and Aspara-Gus from The Vegetable Plot, and Lucy Kippist, online editor for Kinderling Kids Radio joining Shevonne Hunt to debate and laugh through the topics parents were talking about over the last week. From the power of kindness from strangers and the environmental impact of children, to repeating parenting mistakes and when children should start to do chores.

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Chezzi Denyer of Mummy Time and comedian Gary Eck join Shevonne Hunt to talk through the things that had parents buzzing this week. From the responsibility of parents when it comes to their child's digital footprint, would you let your daughter go to a make-up themed birthday party, to should we bribe our kids to get them to cooperate, and who would your ultimate celebrity A-Team be to get you out of a family disaster.

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