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Ditch Davey is an incredibly successful Australian actor and producer who first rose to prominence on the TV show “Blue Heelers” but has since gone on to appear in countless films and TV shows - notably Spartacus and Black Box, and most recently the TV show Harrow which you can see on ABC iView.  

Ditch is a remarkable man with a brilliant outlook on life.  

He’s a man who’s pursued a career in a seasonal industry, one that subjects you to the terrifying and constant judgment of who you are as a human - but that’s what being an actor is sometimes.  

Ditch has incredible coping strategies in place to help him deal with the ups and downs of what it is to be a working actor and I can’t thank him enough for taking the time to share so deeply not only why he does what he does, but indeed how he deals with the cycles of work in his career.  

You might never step on stage, you might never step in front of the camera, but I guarantee you’ll listen to this and hear a few ways that Ditch deals life that you will be able to incorporate into your own way of living.  

He’s a wonderful and warm-hearted man, and we caught up on Skype from his home in Melbourne a few weeks back - so I’m grateful that he had the time to do this because it’s such an inspirational conversation.  

If this chat ticks some boxes for you - don’t hesitate to let him know @iamditchdavey on Instagram.

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My guest today is Danielle Prince. On Instagram she’s @danniprince, follow her there and let her know that you heard her here.  

Danielle is a Commonwealth Games and Olympic Rhythmic Gymnast. In her words - rhythmic gymnastics is the absolute fusion between athleticism and art. It is the sport that is designed to make the impossible look easy.  

And Danielle’s story is one of how much time, effort, focus, and dedication it takes to do just that, to make the impossible look easy.  

Spoiler alert - relentless focus, practice and repetition.  

But I’ll let her describe it.  

Because there are no shortcuts to mastery.  

Danielle has an incredible athletic career, she’s made history as the first female gymnast to represent Australia at 3 consecutive Commonwealth Games, and has represented the country as the only Rhythmic gymnast selected to get to the Olympics in Rio.  

Danielle not only works with the Layne Beachley foundation, but Danni has developed her own scholarship to nurture young athletes to continue to strive to be their best.  

And in this conversation, you can hear how she not only deals with the incredible successes that she’s had in her career, but also the times she missed the podium - which, let’s be honest will happen more to an athlete than not.  

This is an emotional conversation. Twice while Danni was telling me her story I started to cry. Her grace and dignity in describing how even though she missed out on the athletic goal she’d set for her self, she emerged as a victor from a competition that she didn’t succeed at - it’s one that moved me and I’m certain will move you.  

It’s the first time I”ve met someone who’s retiring at 25 from the thing they’ve done their entire life. And so I was fascinated to hear how someone who’s done nothing but dedicates their every waking second to a particular outcome now changes course and pursues something else.  

You may never twirl a ribbon while doing a reverse scissor leap, however, what Danni’s been through and the lessons she has to tell you today will change the way you look at what you stand to win even when you look at the scoreboard it says that you have lost.  

She’s a remarkable young woman, find her on Instagram @danniprince and wish her a happy birthday on Tuesday - and enjoy this conversation with Danielle Prince.

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Guy Sebastian is a singer, songwriter and producer from Sydney, Australia.  

He’s on instagram and twitter @guysebastian  

The first winner of Australian Idol back in 2003, he and I have known each other for most of our careers.  

We’ve had interviews along the way, at Channel [v] or on radio - but he and I have never spoken like we speak today.  

Guy Sebastian has an incredible voice, and is a very, very successful recording artist in Australia because he works harder than almost anyone.  

However along the way Guy has had his struggles, and in this conversation he and I unlock a massive catalyst for change that happened with Guy, and it only happened in the last 18 months.  

To put it simply, daily physical exercise changed his life. I’ll let him take you through it, however the way he describes how hitting the gym every day has changed the way he works, thinks and feels, changed so many things outside of the gym - well, I related to it so much because that has been my experience too.  

Guy is a very deep soul, a kind man, and a man who feels great empathy and love for his life and also those who enjoy his music.  

He spent a few hours in my apartment and we could have chatted all afternoon, however I think in this one we really unlocked a few keys to what makes Guy Sebastian one of the greatest performers our country has ever seen.  

He’s a complete inspiration to me, and I hope you get the same feeling when this conversation is over that I did. One of elation, and a desire to go and move my body.  

Guy’s touring around the country in the next few weeks, tickets are available at  

Even if you’ve never seen him live, after hearing this I’m sure you’ll want to go just so you can spend time being in the same room as him, because hs’e a very special human.  

Please enjoy this long-overdue conversation with Guy Sebastian.  

You can book tickets for his upcoming tour - if you liked the chat, please let him know on twitter or instagram.

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Todd Sampson is an adventurer, award-winning documentary-maker, television presenter and businessman. Originally from Canada, he’s made a home for himself in Australia where he rose to become one of the most influential business executives in the country.  

Known to Australians as the guy in the t-shirt on one of Australia’s most successful and longest-running panel shows “Gruen”, Todd’s TV career took on a life of it’s own.  

Aside from his TV work, Todd's business resume is formidable. He’s the former CEO of the Leo Burnett ad agency, he currently sits on the board of Qantas and Fairfax, plus he’s an active investor and advisor in Australia’s start-up scene.  

However first and foremost - Todd is an adventurer. As you’ll hear, his quest for adventure and finding what lies beyond where his is comfortable has lead him to every corner of the globe, putting himself in places and situations that push the limits of human endurance in an effort to see what is on the other side of where most other people would turn back.  

Somewhere along the way, Todd began to film his adventures and that has lead him to an incredibly successful career as a documentary maker, writing and producing "Redesign My Brain", "Life on the Line" and most recently "Body Hack".  

I’m fascinated by Todd. His constant quest to discover what else he and in a way all of us are capable of when we take ourselves outside of the climate-controlled, low danger, low energy output, constant caloric intake world we have built around ourselves - is so inspiring to me. In the last few months I’m discovering what can happen for me when I go beyond what I thought I was capable of, and it has been transformational.  

With Todd, he’s doing it on another level altogether and you can see the results as he pushes himself into the limits of human endurance not just for great footage - but to see what else he will then be capable of with the knowledge that he can do such extreme things and come out the other side.  

I could have talked to Todd for hours - but I think you’ll get a real kick out of this one. You might even need to listen twice.  

The new season of Body Hack starts on Thursday night here in Australia, 8:30pm on Network Ten. Don’t miss it, it’s a life-changer.  

If you enjoy this conversation please let Todd know, he’s on twitter @toddsampsonOz (  

Enjoy this adventurous conversation with Todd Sampson.

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Jamie Pride is a serial entrepreneur, Venture Capitalist and author on a mission to help shift the needle on startup culture. Find him on instagram @jamiepride  

We’ve all heard the Cinderella story - two people create an iPhone app, sell their business to Google for $20M after 18 months and now everyone’s taking baths in Lambos and Bitcoin taking Uber Jets to Burning Man.  

However that’s not the real story.  

92% of startups fail.  

And Jamie has a very real and personal experience of failure.  

Jamie was formerly a partner at consulting firm Deloitte, and then the CEO of  

He rode a rocket ship of success to the stars, founding more than six technology start ups, raising over $16M in funding and even listing his HR startup Refined on the ASX in 2015. 

Refined listed and went through the roof, within 30 weeks the stock shot up to a Market Capitalisation of over $200M, and overnight dropped to $20. 

He had investors who’d poured millions of dollars into his business turning up to his house in anger, and he even had to deal with death threats. 

Jamie self-medicated and his health plummeted before he hit a dangerous rock-bottom both mentally and physically which he goes into in this conversation.  

Now on a path of recovery, Jamie is committed to preventing other start-up founders from going through what he went through, by helping them not only understand the astronomical odds stacked against them - but also to help founders build resilience, so that they can fail, and then learn from that failure, then fail again and again until finally they succeed. 

He’s written a brilliant book on the matter - it’s called Unicorn Tears which is out now, and it focuses on mental health and resilience in the start up scene. It’s well worth a read if you’re an independent business person, there’s a lot of valuable content in there, I certainly resonated with the attribution of your product’s success to your self-worth - which he and I discuss in this show.  

We may not all be coders or tech start up geniuses - but all of us have ambitions and goals, and all of us can learn from Jamie’s story.  

He has a particularly excellent philosophy when it comes to mornings and about the use of his phone - I certainly have changed my game since I spoke with him, I hope that what he says can resonate with you too.  

Enjoy this conversation with Jamie Pride.

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