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A weekly conversation that endeavours to help you make today a little better than yesterday.

A weekly conversation that endeavours to help you make today a little better than yesterday.

Emilie Brabon Hames is author, Transformation coach and Nutrition coach, and one 1/2 of the team that helped me totally transform my body for the cover of men’s health magazine.

You can find her online @emiliebrabonhames .

We heard from her husband Chief last week, and now it’s Em’s turn.

Her story of how she went from a reclusive kid to one of the most powerful transformation coaches in the country, transforming literally thousands of lives every year with her Original Bootcamp work - well it’s something that’s completely inspiring.

Em’s journey covers some difficult territory, and hearing how she reclaimed her life from the darkness will move you as much as it moved me I’m sure.

On that - if anything in this conversation brings up difficult feelings for you please call lifeline in 13 11 14.

However, I assure you that this chat has a very happy ending.

You can follow Em’s adventures on Instagram at @emiliebrabonhames and there you’ll find the link to buy the new book she’s written with Chief - 8 Weeks to Wow.

I hope you enjoy this chat with Emilie Brabon Hames.

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Chief Brabon is the Fitness Director at Men’s Health Australia, the CEO of and CEO of Original Bootcamp.

It was with Chief Brabon and his wife Emilie Brabon-Hames that I worked out every day for ten weeks to achieve my cover shot of Men’s Health Australia.

When you spend an hour of your day with someone every day - you get to know them pretty well, and I got to know that both Chief and his wife Em have remarkable stories to tell.

We’ll hear Em’s story next week, it’s compelling and a transformation tale in itself - but this week it’s all about Chief.

Chief and Em are the team behind the biggest selling Men’s Health Australia covers of the last few years - Larry Emdur, James Stewart and yes - Guy Sebastian.

In fact, while I was doing my transformation I sat down with Guy and we talked all about the mental aspect of how doing this changed the way he works and lives. Check that episode out for more.

Chief is a man who’s driven by a desire for knowledge. He’s traveled the world to train with and learn from the best in industry, and then passes that knowledge on to the people he works with - be in the parks and beaches every morning for his Original Boot Camp workouts, or during his 1-1 transformation coaching like he and I did.

His story is one that takes some turns you might not expect.

A former military man, he had a significant injury in his 20s which left him with chronic pain that he still lives with every single day.

How he overcame that pain and transformed his own life is what this conversation is all about.

We don’t pull any punches and we do talk about suicide in this conversation - so if you or anyone you know needs support please call Lifeline on 13 11 14.

You can find Chief on instagram where he’s always posting workouts and the like - @chiefbrabon, and for more about the program that I went on - .

I hope you enjoy this conversation with Chief Brabon.

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Matt Griggs is a high performance coach, keynote speaker and meditation teacher from Sydney Australia, you can find him online at or on instagram @mattgriggs.

For years Matt worked with some of the worlds most successful athletes in the surfing world, helping them focus in and out of the water for not only world-beating performances in competition - but with resilience out of the water too.

Matt famously coached three-time world-champion surfer and shark-puncher Mick Fanning, and 6 time world-champion surfer Stephanie Gilmore, as well as numerous NRL players and other elite athletes.

Matt is also a meditation teacher, and we delve right into the particular kind of mediation he teaches in this podcast, because while I’m still a novice - I do try to meditate every day and I do find it to be very beneficial in my life. I also know that not everyone will use the same kind of mediation - some may prefer mindfulness, some may prefer mantra meditations, or another way of finding that particular place in your thinking - whatever it takes, give it a go - because I don’t know much, but I do know that every elite athlete, leader, broadcaster, performer and business person I admire - they all meditate. Every one of them.

So there’s something in it.

Matt and I get technical when we start talking about focus and consciousness, but that’s ok you can hit rewind and listen again to anything that might have slipped past you.

I’m all about these kinds of conversations - because while our lives may be full of questions - thankfully whatever problem we’ve had that’s hassling us - someone else has had it before and they figured out a way to deal with it - so all we have to do is find them, find what worked for them, and apply it to our lives.

I’m so grateful that you get to hear this conversation with the fascinating Matt Griggs.

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Sally Rugg is an LGBTIQ activist and Executive Director of - find her on twitter @sallyrugg or on Instagram @_campaign_papi.

Sally is a smart, charming, powerful person whose leadership and drive to make our community as inclusive and excellent as it can be is something I found inspirational.

If you’ve ever wondered about why someone might pursue a career in activism, or indeed what life is like for someone who stands up in public and fights for the human rights of those underrepresented in our community - Sally is here to tell you all about it.

I for one feel we are lucky to have people like Sally in our community - people who tirelessly fight for the rights of others.

She certainly got me thinking about the privilege I got born with, and what I choose to use that privilege for.

Sally and I first connected over Twitter when we were trying to figure out a way to figure out a same-sex version of The Bachelorette happening, and after a few tweets back and forth I ended up asking her here to talk about that but also so many other things.

So I’ll say this part now.

In this conversation, I’m probably going to make a lot of mistakes when discussing the important nuances of life outside my heteronormative bubble. I will probably mess up some pronouns, I’ll probably accidentally minimise the impact of important distinctions and issues. I want to assure you - I’m keen to learn, I’m keen to get more aware of micro-aggressions in my language, so if I make some glaringly obvious out-of-my depth straight-white-guy mistakes, please be so kind and email me and perhaps help me not make those mistakes again.

I know that the more I discover about lives that are so different to mine, the more I realise how little I know, and how much I am yet to learn. So I’m all ears and I look forward to hearing from you.

One thing I did learn - is that Sally and I share an undying love and devotion for the band Hanson. You may think this conversation is going to be political and explore the tricky ways that we could try to get a same-sex reality TV dating show to work - it’s all those things, with a lot of singing of Hanson songs.

Sally is a fabulous person and I hope you do all you can to support her and the important work she does at

She’s young, she’s full of energy, and she’s just getting started. I’m grateful that we had the chance to talk now, because mark my words in a few years from now you’ll be glad you caught a glimpse of the powerhouse this woman is, so you can say “yeah I always knew she’d go on to change the world” did you know she likes Hanson?

If you like what you hear, please let her know on Twitter @sallyrugg or on Instagram @_campaign_papi.

So enjoy this chat with the wonderful Sally Rugg.

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Abdullah Zeinab is a plant-based ultra-endurance cyclist, a man with a crystal clear outlook on life and the capacity for incredible self-awareness. You can find him on YouTube by searching The Glucose Network, or follow him on Instagram @abdullahzeinab

Abdullah is a prominent figure in both the plant-based and cycling community, his videos online and live streams are the stuff of legend.

However - recently Abdullah completed the Indian Pacific Wheel Race, an ultra-endurance, unsupported bike race from the Indian Ocean in Western Australia, across the bottom of the continent all the way to the Sydney Opera House and the Pacific Ocean.

The 2018 edition of the race was officially cancelled just hours before the event began, however with riders from all over the world already gathered in Fremantle, the GPS trackers already fitted to the bikes, many riders chose to ride the route at their own risk.

Abdullah averaged more than 500km a day as he rode his bike across the Nullarbor Plain (literally the Latin name for No Tree) and ended up over 5000km later finishing the course in incredible time.

Abdullah’s story of what he has not only discovered about himself through his life but most definitely what he discovered about himself on that bike ride - is truly inspirational.

I was so impressed with Abdullah as a human. He came here to the flat with his lovely girlfriend, and we sat across from each other while he gratefully opened up to my questions, fearlessly exploring the areas I asked him about.

He talks fast, so this one might need a second listen in case you miss something.

I’m so grateful Abdullah came around, and I’m so grateful he was so open as this conversation took some turns, and went into some pretty deep concepts that might challenge you, and might even open your eyes to a way of seeing the world you hadn't thought about before.

It certainly did for me.

Enjoy this conversation with Abdullah Zeinab.

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