The Nerd Reserve

Podcast by Phil Logan and Victoria Cotman

Podcast by Phil Logan and Victoria Cotman

What a week for nerds! Off the back of PAX, Australia's premier gaming conference, as well as the unveiled of new gameplay footage and trailers at Paris Games Week, The Nerd Reserve dive into the immediate future of gaming and, as always, give you the latest in Nerd News including king of the nerds Zachary Levi cast as Shazam! ! Micro-transactions, replay-ability, the addictive nature of recurring titles, we cover what it is that truly makes a great game. Enjoy dear nerd friends!!

Thor: Ragnarok is here!! The Nerd Reserve review Marvel's latest, giving our thoughts on Taika Waititi's brilliantly off-beat rock opera! The colour, the comedy, the action, the Goldblum, the Blanchett, we cover it all!! Strap in and enjoy nerds!

Thor Ragnarok is almost here!! To celebrate, The Nerd Reserve gives to you a breakdown of the MCU so far, everything from the original Ironman all the way up to the doorstep of Ragnarok. Which films will get the enigmatic 1 on the binary ranking system? Which will rise as the most impactful Marvel film to date? Will Phil be able to pronounce Cumberbatch without falling flat on his face? NOTHING IS FOR CERTAIN!!! We hope you enjoy dear nerd friends! Get hyped!

This week, The Nerd Reserve reviews one of the most exquisite films of its generation: Blade Runner 2049. We also round up the nerd news of the week including Harvey Weinstein's sexual assault scandal, the new Justice League trailer and the earth shattering (actually happens in it!) Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer. Strap yourselves in nerds, as we question just how important a film like this is for today's world.

This week we review The Mummy's digital release and discuss what's ahead for the set up of The Dark Universe. Was The Mummy a box office flop? Did it adequately prepare movie-goers for The Dark Universe? Was it necessary to see Tom Cruise with no shirt? All this answered and more! We hope you enjoy dear nerds!