The MotherHood

Journalists Jodie Speers and Lauren Dubois discuss the perks and pitfalls of parenting young children.

If you believe the images on social media, parenting is a piece of cake. Smiling babies - blissed-out Mums - perfectly styled homes. The Motherhood is a podcast which is ready to explore the truth. Join Channel 7 journalist Jodie Speers and award-winning blogger Lauren Dubois as they discuss the joys and frustrations of being a modern parent, look for ways to make life easier, keep their brains ticking, and have a bloody good laugh along the way.

Do you sometimes wish for time alone? Have you ever left your kids in the car to pay for petrol? Exposed your children to sunshine? Well clearly you are a terrible parent. We discuss 'bad Mums'... and their nemeses, 'Sanctimummies'.

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Are you sick of opening the paper - or turning on the telly - only to hear that everything you're doing is wrong? From the age you have children, to the way you do it, what you eat, and how much sleep you're (not) getting - a study, somewhere, has found that you suck. And we're a bit over it.

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Lauren's son flat out refuses to try chocolate (it's delicious - we promise!) Jodie's boy will often only eat Weet Bix. Between us we've tried pretty much everything. In this episode, we discuss different approaches to fussy eaters, and how to avoid making the dinner table a battleground. 

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Having a child is one thing. Having children - plural - is quite another. Lauren has recently made the transition from one kid to two, and is ready to share her knowledge with Jodie - and anyone else with a second bun in the oven!

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Responsibility for the survival and wellbeing of a baby is, quite possibly, the scariest part about becoming a parent. Cue ridiculous worries about door frames, dust mites, and tiny innocent hairs wrapping around vulnerable little toes. Don't worry, it's all normal. We think.

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