The Midweek

A podcast to break up your week and your life (in the best possible way).

Presented by Ear Buds and from the makers of the successful Dees Podcast, The Midweek Podcast tackles a different theme each week with special guests and endless hilarity.

Slavs and Glove finish off season 1 of the Midweek by discussing investing in crypto to buy weed, getting hailed on and the best parts of 2017.

In this episode Slavs and Glove discuss fat people on the planes, flower cocks and future trends.

Slavs and Glove talk about fondling, smashing letterboxes and delve into the topic of MUSIC!

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Has the world become so politically correct a few lads cant just have a good old fashioned chinwag? 

Join Slavs and Glove as they delve into the topic of political correctness.

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Slavs and Glove talk spanking, shit movie recommendations from friends, and delve into a deep discussion around alcohol.

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