The Guilt Trip

Soundbowl Productions

They're not famous. They're not here to inspire you. But they're perfectly relevant and always relatable. These are your people, hanging their guilt out to dry for all to see. Being a mum, voice artist and performer trying to survive the daily drag and living in a world of guilt, Tamara Linke delves deep into guests experiences with guilt in whichever form that takes- interviews without any holds barred. Intros and debatable opinions from her other half Kai Linke keep it entertaining if not a little dirty.

Sobriety and obsolete sex toys. Meet the Linke's.

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Guilty in every sense of the word. Did you ever shop lift? Pass the blame, or pee somewhere inappropriate? Interviews with people who get the guilts up everyday; some big and some small, but the G-word always prevails. Hosted by Tamara Linke

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