The Good Gut Podcast

Welcome to The Good Gut podcast series, brought to you by Kellogg’s Nutrition

In this informative three part podcast series, Dr Tim Crowe will be joined by leading experts in the field of gut health to explore the importance of one of the body’s most under-rated organs – the gut. From looking at what exactly our gut is comprised of, to analysing emerging research around the link between gut health and mood, The Good Gut podcast series reveals why the role of the gut goes far beyond digestion and can have significant implications on overall health and wellbeing.

In the final episode of The Good Gut podcast series, Dr Tim Crowe will be joined by trusted health expert and dietitian, Kathleen Alleaume, who will provide practical advice about what the body of emerging science around the gut means when it comes to providing dietary advice for patients. Kathleen will provide tips on the best dietary practices to follow to ensure patients maintain good gut health. She will also discuss the recent cost of illness analysis conducted into cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes in Australia to demonstrate how an increase in grain fibre consumption could reduce the risk of developing chronic disease as well as the lifestyle and economic cost benefits of this dietary intervention.

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In part two, Dr Tim Crowe will be joined by world renowned Professor Felice Jacka, Director of the Food and Mood Centre at Deakin University and Founder and President of the International Society for Nutritional Psychiatry Research. Felice’s pioneering research examines how individuals’ diets and other lifestyle behaviours impact the risk of mental health problems. This podcast will highlight the latest emerging research in this ground breaking area of science, explore the notion that the gut could play a vital role as our ‘second brain’ and what these new discoveries could mean for future diagnosis and treatment of mental health conditions.

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In part one, Dr Tim Crowe will be joined by Dr Emma Beckett, an NHMRC Early Career Fellow at the University of Newcastle and expert in molecular nutrition. Emma will provide an overview about the vital role our gut plays in maintaining our overall health, explain how our gut microbiome can be effected from birth and reveal the genetic secrets behind our microbiomes. She will take a closer look at how we can keep our good gut bacteria happy and healthy.

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