The Gathering by The Marketing Clan

A marketing podcast brought to you by The Marketing Clan

Marketing. It’s the great unfair business advantage of our time. But it’s also filled with questions. Like where should you start? What should you do? And how do you even afford it? The good news is you’ve come to the right place. The Gathering, an all-new podcast brought to you by The Marketing Clan where we will discuss a number of topics related to brand, marketing and communication, all to help businesses with tips and insights. Each of the Clan members have worked together for years in marketing and advertising consultancies or agencies and can provide insights and advice to businesses that may need a little professional guidance or direction. Each month we will discuss, debate and have a bit of banter around all things marketing.

When it comes to help persuading your customers to consider buying your product or service, have you considered the importance and the power of proof points? No matter whether you are a product or service based business it is helpful to have a proof point. Whether you can back your claim or position with a genuine proof point be it an accolade, scientific study, white paper or testimonial, it all helps someone make a purchase decision. In this episode we talk about some of these considerations with some examples. Additionally, we talk about some of the things to consider when it comes to call to action to you get your customers to do something.

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What offer can you provide your customers that's going to motivate them to choose your product of service?  What to consider when it comes to creating a relevant and valuable offer and how creativity can help create  a compelling reason to convert your prospects into leads. In this episode we have some things to think about that you can apply to your offer strategy today.

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In this episode we discuss the importance of having a clear and consistent brand communication in your marketing. Your brand is central to distinguishing your point of difference and how you customers relate to your brand whether you are a service or product based business. Your customers' perception of your brand can be based on your personality, value, tone of voice and relevance and is as important for your staff as much as your customers. How are you going to have a strong brand to help build customer value, loyalty and equity?

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We don't all sit in a unique position where we're the only product or service in our category. What can you do to create your perceived point of difference whether it is in customer service, product delivery or that little bit of extra value to attract customers? Are you communicating a genuine point of difference? Are you part of the herd or adopting well thought-through communications strategy? Thought provoking considerations for those businesses who want to separate themselves from the competition.

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