The Folded Lie

What is the truth?

In 1917, Australia experienced one of its largest industrial conflicts, known as the Great Strike. At the height of the strike, strike breaker Reginald Wearne shot striker Mervyn Flanagan. One hundred years later, The Folded Lie uncovers the injustice that followed the shooting, and how it affected two families.

How has the Wearne side of the killing been folded into the family history? Frances Morgan visits Bingara and meets John Wearne - a descendant of Reginald Wearne. Reg is the man who killed Mervyn Flanagan.

Presenter/Creator: Frances Morgan
Executive Producer: Ellen Leabeater
Sound Engineer/Producer: Miles Martignoni

With thanks to Mike Williams and Kirsti Melville.

The Folded Lie is created with the support of City of Sydney and 2SER 107.3. 

This is a story about two men, Mervyn Flanagan and Reginald Wearne. But to understand how these two men came to cross paths, you need to understand the Great Strike of 1917. 

Presenter/Creator: Frances Morgan
Executive Producer: Ellen Leabeater 
Sound Engineer/Producer: Miles Martignoni 

This podcast is supported by 2SER 107.3 and the City of Sydney.

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Introducing… The Folded Lie.

Poem by: W.H. Auden 
Poem reader: David Marr 
With thanks to Mike Williams

Presenter/Creator: Frances Morgan
Executive Producer: Ellen Leabeater
Sound Engineer/Producer: Miles Martignoni

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