The Drill

Go inside the mind of an AFL coach and find out why your team will win or lose next weekend

The Herald Sun and Champion Data’s new footy podcast will take fans into the minds of an AFL coach. Offering never-before-seen statistics, our gurus will explain to listeners exactly what their team needs to do to win every week. Tailored for hardcore footy fans, it will use statistics to drill deeper into a range of footy issues just like the ardent boffins at every club. Hosted by Sam Landsberger and Daniel Hoyne, the snappy show will be to the point and promises to educate passionate fans about how the game is played.

Every club spins their trade period as a success but what do the numbers say? Sam Landsberger and Champion Data analyst Daniel Hoyne drill into the stats behind every club's trade moves and look ahead to the draft.

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Essendon has scored a huge trade win, but it might not be who you think. And they should abort their plan to turn Jake Stringer into a midfielder. Sam Landsberger and Champion Data analyst Daniel Hoyne get back in the studio to drill into the numbers behind the deals for Gary Ablett, Jack Watts, Jake Lever and more. 

The Crows score way more than Richmond and the Tigers' intense pressure eclipses Adelaide - right? In a Grand Final preview for serious footy fans, Sam Landsberger and Champion Data's Daniel Hoyne reveal the numbers aren't always what you think. Where the biggest game of the year will be won and lost, where Dustin Martin has to start, who should play on Eddie Betts plus  what went wrong for Geelong and GWS. You know the drill!

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In a special preliminary final edition of The Drill, Sam Landsberger and Champion Data analyst Daniel Hoyne reveal what Richmond must do to win, the perfect match-up for Dustin Martin, why Patrick Dangerfield has to start in the middle against Adelaide and who will poll the most votes on Brownlow night - the answer might surprise you. You know the Drill!

Geelong's Achilles heel is Sydney's strength. Uh oh. Sam Landsberger and Champion Data analyst Daniel Hoyne drill into the semi-finals, reveal why West Coast can win, the silver lining of the Essendon drugs saga and why Ken Hinkley is pulling his hair out. You know the drill!

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