The Digital Divide

We interview the best and brightest in Digital Advertising's media & tech landscape and ensure they speak in terms that you understand.

We bring the best and brightest in Digital Advertising's media and technology landscape right to your earbuds, and force them to give clear explanations and real world tactics any corporate marketer or media buyer can use. Listen and re-listen until you've crossed the digital divide. There are dozens of events, conferences and websites that serve the top end of the marketing world, and many more that are digital marketing 101's for SMEs. With the powerful middle market of corporates and media buyers too busy to invest the time and money at conferences that provide updates only relevant to those with $5M+ Media Budgets, this group of decision making marketers can be left relying on headlines and hype from trade press and PR to keep up to date with advancements and simplifications around digital media. They are potentially missing information that could achieve significant improvements in their marketing objectives. With a focus on media suppliers and technology platforms that empower the Programmatic Media Buying process, The Digital Divide provides an opportunity for listeners to learn more about key areas of programmatic that interest them. The Podcast experience means listeners can rewind, replay and fast fwd as much of the interviews as they want, to curate an experience that perfectly suits what they want to learn about, when they want to learn about it and in a way that doesn't publicly exposing any perceived weaknesses or gaps in their experience. The Digital Divide is hosted by Michael Petersen, founder of MyMediaTradingDesk, a business solely geared to providing programmatic media buying services to this middle market. Since founding MMTD in 2013, Michael has been educating this market on a 1 to 1 basis and at small events as part of the sales and onboarding process but TDD is his opportunity to bring the many talented people in digital advertising he regularly meets, directly to those that benefit from hearing their messages the most.