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The BeerHealer is a story teller who wants to share the great stories of the craft beer world with you. Each episode is a half hour interview with someone involved in the world of brewing who has an interesting story to tell!

The craft beer world is littered with stories of people starting breweries after falling in love with creating amazing liquids, including Agi Gagic, head brewer at Sparkke. But the difference with Agi’s brewery is that it’s not just about the love of the beer, you see Sparkke is driven by something greater, the need for social change.

Thanks to a crowdfunding campaign, Sparkke was launched in 2017. Founders Rose Kentish, an award wining winemaker and Kari Allen, a highly regarded international marketer, along with Agi describe themselves as social activists, who also happen to run a alcoholic beverage company.

Agi is in charge of creating the beers in slogan covered cans that seem to be striking a chord with the consumers who are looking for an authentic beer brand that shares their values.

I was initially a bit nervous about talking to Agi, I thought I might be a bit out of my league! I need not have worried, as Agi was an absolute pleasure to talk to and shared so many insights into her world of influencing social change one beverage at a time!

Enjoy the chat.

Beer Craft Beer Stories Interview Australia Brewing Brewery Beer Blog Beers Hops Western Australia Rocky Ridge Tasmania Moo Brew

My guest in this episode, Dave MacGill from Moo Brew, is a pillar of the brewing community in Tasmania and has worked for over a decade in one of the first craft breweries established in the state.

Moo Brew appeared in local bottleshops and high end grocery stores in 2005, selling its flavoursome ales in fancy bottles with labels designed by artist John Kelly…it’s fair to say that it was a little bit of a shock to the traditional mainstream drinker in Tasmania who were used to picking between the Draught Beer from either the North or the South of the state.

But somehow it worked, and drinkers began enjoy what a Pale Ale should be, how a true Pilsener tasted and the joys that could be found in a Dark Ale. After helping to establish Moo Brew, Dave moved to Melbourne for a few years where he set up Temple Brewery. In 2013, he returned to Tasmania, and Moo Brew, to take up the position of General Manager and lead the now well established brewery into the future in a very competitive market.

Dave has been heavily involved in the Aussie brewing industry for many years in many different capacities, brewer, general manager and Vice President of the Tassie Independent Brewers Association.

Enjoy the episode!

Beer Craft Beer Stories Interview Australia Brewing Brewery Beer Blog Beers Hops Western Australia Rocky Ridge Tasmania Moo Brew

A young man with his head screwed on right, looking to ensure the future success of his family business by taking a chance on this thing called Craft Beer.

That's how I would describe Hamish Coates from Rocky Ridge Brewing Co. in Western Australia. His brewery resides on land that has been passed down through his family for generations. Previously they farmed beef and dairy cattle, but with new times comes change, new challenges, and new ways to utilise the land for other purposes, like brewing craft beer! They describe it as a new perspective being applied to the land, but with the passion that has been part of their property for all these years.

Passionate about how to sustain-ably utilise the environment around him to create amazing beers, this is a fantastic story of innovation, perseverance and that good old Aussie trait of "having a crack"!

Enjoy the story of Hamish Coates and Rocky Ridge Brewing Co.

Beer Craft Beer Stories Interview Tasmania Australia Brewing Brewery Beer Blog Beers Hops Western Australia Rocky Ridge

Steve Haumschild from Lanikai Brewing in Hawaii is a very inquisitive man with a real passion for his local environment. His island inspired beers are made with all sorts of fruits, flowers, nuts and yeasts hand foraged from the islands of Hawaii. The results are amazing, but this passionate brewer wants to push thing just that little bit further.

It's here that NASA enters the picture, thanks to a chance meeting at a beer dinner, and after a few beers a plan was hatched to capture yeast from the edge of space...70,000ft in the air! In this episode he explains how he is making the space yeast project a reality.

We also talk about the wild yeasts he is collecting from volcanoes, forests and fields from all over Hawaii, how 98% of beer sold in Hawaii is made off the island, and his

collaborations with brewers in the Pacific North West. Steve also talks about some potential plans to export into Australia, something that should please listeners in my home country.

Steve is a talented brewer and a great story teller, so sit back, relax and have a listen!

Beer Craft Beer Stories Interview Tasmania Australia Brewing Brewery Beer Blog Beers Hops hawaii lanikai haumschild yeast nasa

When I started this podcast, my aim was to tell stories from all different points of view. Whether they be Marketers, or Sales People or Brewers. And that goes for people working in all breweries, big, small, independent or otherwise…the one thing that unites us is our love of beer.

My guest on this podcast, Chris Sheehan, is an absolute ripping bloke with many years of brewing experience, but I feel like he doesn't really receive enough credit for his achievement. Why? Well, he works for a big brewer, Lion Beer in Australia, and we all know the stigma that carries in some circles within the industry. However, the interesting thing about him is he currently works in their smallest brewery, The Eumundi Brewery, which is pretty much a brew pub run out of the Imperial Hotel.

So yeah, cool story, smallest brewery inside a big beer operation...sounds like a bit of a contradiction, doesn't it? Well, somehow he makes it have a listen to his story.


BTW - this is my last episode for 2018...keep an ear out in early January for a couple of very special episodes to start the new year!

Beer Craft Beer Stories Interview Tasmania Australia Brewing Brewery Beer Blog Beers Hops