The Art of Conscious Creation

Inspiration to Connect You to Your Soul and Create the Life You Desire

Welcome to the Art of Conscious Creation Podcast with Kathryn Eggins. Kathryn is an entertaining, creative and thought-provoking speaker who inspires her audiences to connect with their inner magic to create the life they desire. Through this podcast, she looks forward to sharing with you different ideas on how you can connect to your soul to consciously create the life that you want. Your life is a work of ART - Live it! Breathe it! Create it! For more information, please visit or to connect with the show, message via

Holding onto things unnecessarily clogs your energy, keeps you in the past and makes it harder for new adventures to come to you.

Free your space, free your soul and allow the energy to FLOW around you!

the art of conscious creation manifesting decluttering energy flow create space

You hear the term 'Tune in to find the answer' but what does that even mean? Tune in to the TV? Tune in to the radio? Tune in to find out!

the art of conscious creation manifesting tuning in tuning into your soul soul alignment