Southern Football Netball League

Podcasts from the SFNL

Podcasts from the Southern Football Netball League's 'Match of the Day' coverage and the Sunday morning panel program's 'The 5th Quarter' & 'Nothing But Net'

Former SFNL Board Member Ian Dougherty in the final moments of The 5th Qtr earlier today made a statement off the back of yet another nasty incident in the Southern Football Netball League which saw a Division 2 game called off

SFNL Life Member David Smith joined Wiz, Beanie & Johnny Tak, Bug was LIVE from Mordialloc and plenty more !

Mel & Hugh were this week joined by Sophie O'Shea from the Caulfield Football & Netball Club & Sophie Durnan from Mordialloc Football & Netball Club

Hammers, Johnny Tak & the team called all the action LIVE from Hurlingham Park

Mel & Hugh were joined by Sarah Gamble from the St Kilda City Football & Netball Club