Songs of Hope

Life stories of world-shaping Christians from a radio program in Australia

These audio posts are recordings of "Christians who made a difference" broadcast on the radio program "Songs of Hope". Songs of Hope is broadcast each Sunday morning from 7am to 9am on radio station Southern FM 88.3. Southern FM 88.3 is located in the southern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia.

Listen again to the story of Ashley and Anji Barker, two Australian Christians motivated by their faith to found the charity “Urban Neighbours of Hope“. They have dedicated their lives to helping the poor in Australia, New Zealand and Thailand.

Ashley Barker Anji Barker Urban Neighbours of Hope

Today we are looking at a modern-day Australian woman who has helped many children through her charitable work. She is Moira Kelly, a practising Catholic Christian. She was awarded the Order of Australia in 2001 in recognition of her humanitarian service to both the Australian and international communities. Moira, through her charitable work, has saved and improved the lives of countless children and communities around the world.

Doug Nicholls was a prominent Aboriginal Australian from the Yorta Yorta people. He was a professional athlete, footballer and Churches of Christ pastor. He was a pioneering campaigner for reconciliation. He was the first Aboriginal person to be knighted and the first Aboriginal person appointed to vice-regal office, serving as Governor of South Australia

Doug Nicholls aboriginal Australian Rules footballer reconcilliation Christian pastor

A number of AFL footballers are practising Christians. They include Gary Ablett, Zac Smith, Daniel Wells, Aaron Hall, Andrew Swallow, and Jonathan Giles. Songs of Hope put this story to air 30Sep18

Christians Gary Ablett

Bill Ferguson was like a Martin Luther-King for Austalian aboriginals. He stood up for their rights when they did not even have citizenship in Australia, when part-aboriginal children were taken from their parents by the Australian government.

Bill Ferguson aboriginal aboriginal rights stolen generation