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Welcome to a platform where ideas are challenged and the life stories of extraordinary people from around the globe are explored, one conversation at a time. New interviews posted on Mondays. Find out more at

In today's episode at the Round Table, I have the pleasure of interviewing a friend I have known for about 20 years of my existence: Chris Robinson. Chris and I grew up together in the same neighborhood in Boulder, Colorado and attended the same elementary, middle, and high school together. Chris recently graduated from CU Boulder and is doing exciting work in tech marketing for 'brick and mortar" small businesses.

Some of the many topics we cover include: the deep Robinson family history, the entrepreneurial spirit, relationships, economics, the paradox of choice, the shortcomings of public education, Capitalism 2.0, staying in your lane, the cost of wanting more, the lure of California, the future of business, Uber, and Shinichi Suzuki.

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In today's episode of Round Table Chats, I interview my friend and colleague, Brendan Eappen. Brendan graduated from Harvard studying psychology and global health, and is now doing many exciting projects to make the world a better place. Some of the many subjects we discuss in this short and sweet episode are: curiosity, teaching enthusiasm, gratitude journaling, how to talk to strangers, mental illness, the homeless, how to make a difference, the power of community, David Foster Wallace, Effective Altruism, fixed vs. growth mindset, and changing the world! Below are some links to some awesome things Brendan mentions in the episode for those interested in learning more: Effective Altruism: David Foster Wallace Speech, "This is Water": Strong Mind: Carol Dweck's Fixed Vs. Growth Mindset: GiveWell: Finally, you can find out more about the incredible things Brendan is doing at his Linkedin page:

This was by far the most insightful, mind-blowing, and fascinating conversation I have ever had, and I feel blessed to have recorded it. Preston Bryant is an extraordinary human who grew up in Zimbabwe, moved to South Africa to become a professional rugby player, had a life-changing moment when he tried meditation for the first time, and now is an eloquent poet/writer who studies eastern philosophy in the United States. Next, he will be moving to Thailand to teach english and continue his journey towards self-realization. Some of the many topics we cover in this special episode include: the art of being still, meditation, focus, image, attention, living below your means, gratitude, yoga, Bob Marley, Sam Harris, the brain, the rise of the feminine, lions, dancing, and unconditional love. If you enjoyed what you heard, please share it to your local community and friends.

Welcome to the very first episode of my podcast, Round Table Chats! This week's episode is a real treat. I interview my dear friend Trent who has had a remarkable journey from his humble roots in Illinois to his current thriving existence in Colorado. Some of the topics we discuss include: death, questioning the world, critical thinking, the beauty of evolution, science, speaking to people you disagree with, the importance of travel, discovering yourself, the history of spiders, and Trent's most memorable piece of advice he ever received. If you enjoyed listening to today's episode please share it with others you think will also enjoy it!