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Brad Krauskopf is an entrepreneur and workplace innovator who is a leading voice in coworking and flexible work.

He is the founder of Hub Australia, the country’s largest co-working community with spaces in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney.

But first, you may be wondering what co-working actually is. Typically, it’s where independent workers come together at shared workspaces, renting desks or offices under flexible membership arrangements, creating communities of entrepreneurs, freelancers and startups that not only share facilities but also ideas and knowledge.

Coworking has gone from niche to mainstream in recent years, there are now numerous spaces in most cities throughout the world, which have sprung up in parallel with our shift in work culture. 

Brad talks about his story as well as the power of coworking, coworker culture, collaboration benefits, work trends and much more. 

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The workplace is in the midst of significant change. For some business owners this is something to fear while for others, like Jodi Walton and Dani Bieg, it is something to embrace. Jodi and Dani are cofounders of Harrison McMillan, recognised as Australia's Most Innovative Recruitment Agency by SEEK in 2016, and a great entrepreneurial story. They're changing the game through a new pay-as-you-go business model, and also through its own firm culture. At the Harrison McMillan office, digital detoxes, enforced lunch breaks and flexible working hours are standard. It sounds great in theory but is much more challenging in practice. Jodi and Dani explain the science behind it, how they measure the success of the initiatives and how they ensure peak performance for their clients. In fact, they've had over 120 clients nationally in under four years, so their approach is clearly being embraced as an alternative in the recruitment market. Recruitment is a tough gig, for candidates, employers and recruiters themselves. Jodi and Dani talk about how the industry is changing .. and also share important tips for job seekers who want to separate themselves from the pack in a competitive job market. Harrison McMillian - Connect with Rooster Radio - sign up to our mailing list and join our Facebook community: For podcasting strategy, production and commercial services, visit: For other content and marketing services, visit: (Andrew Montesi) For leadership and and high performance services, visit: (James Begley)

Making conversation with murderers and sex offenders. It is a crucial part of Luke Broomhall's job as a forensic psychologist - to take an interest in the lives of people who are despised, and remove judgement. Delving into their stories, the often heinous crimes committed and the motivations behind them, enables Luke and his team at Broomhall Young to provide reports and assessments often relied upon by the courts. Luke talks about the minds of violent and sexual offenders, and how mental illness doesn't always lead to a conclusion of mental incompetence. He shares his insights into psychopaths, and how they not only fill our jails but also our boardrooms. Luke's forensic work is increasingly crossing over into the workplace, as organisations seek better ways to understand and manage staff behaviour. He shares the benefits of positive psychology, and the growing importance of understanding the impact of mental health on performance. Luke is motivated by the belief that anyone can change, with the right motivation. About Luke: Luke Broomhall holds a Masters in Forensic Psychology and has a wide range of experience in clinical treatment, general counselling and forensic assessment. Luke has provided treatment programs in drug and alcohol, aggressive behaviour and gambling addiction. He has also worked extensively in providing 1:1 treatment for PTSD, anxiety and depression. He is a member of the Australian Psychological Society and of the APS College of Forensic Psychologists. Hosted by Apiro Consulting's Andrew Montesi and Tract Leadership's James Begley. Connect with Rooster Radio: For media, content and marketing services, visit: For leadership and and high performance services, visit: