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Dr Phillp Alvelda is one of America's Leading tech engineers and minds.

A pioneer in Artificial Intelligence, Dr Alvelda has been developing anthropomorphic AI and machine learning tools, digital twins, and synthetic personalities.

He is the founding CEO of Cortical.AI, and is formerly of NASA and the Defense Advanced Research Agency (a department of the US Defence Force). He also founded Mobi TV, the first company to bring live TV to mobile devices.

Dr Alvelda is at the forefront of a world where technology is advancing mankind, pioneering a brain-machine interface industry that helps the blind see, the deaf hear and the paralysed regain movement.

And yet fear of AI and a perceived threat of robots remains, concerns that Dr Alvelda addresses in our interview.

We cover that and a range of other issues including the future of anthropomorphic AI, opportunities, ethical considerations and much more.

Dr Alvelda will be in Adelaide sharing his insights at Hybrid World, a tech conference held on July 23 and 24, 2018. Find out more at the Hybrid World website.

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Back in episode 86 we talked to Paul van der Linden, who quit his job at IBM to start his own technology company, outThought.

At the time, Paul talked about the hopes, fears and challenges of leaving the corporate life to pursue his dreams (If you missed the chat, click here

Almost a year later, we sit down with Paul again for Part 2 to talk about how his journey has progressed - expectations versus the reality of starting his company, which is at the cutting edge of artificial intelligence, virtual assistants and bot technology.

Paul talks about winning his first clients, the early successes, struggles and evolution of the business … as well as his own personal development throughout the process.

Go back to Part 1 here

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