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Rooster Radio brings you stories and insights from interesting people doing amazing things. The podcast reveals business and personal growth learnings from entrepreneurs and experts in business, leadership, marketing, science, technology, health, hospitality and much more. Hosted by James Begley and Andrew Montesi. Rooster Radio focuses on the influencers who are taking risks, overcoming challenges, leading teams and taking the world on. We delve into their rarely told stories of success, failure and lessons learned. Find out more and sign up for news and events and view the full episode list at our website, You can show your support for Rooster Radio by becoming a member here Early traction: Since launching in October 2015, Rooster Radio quickly gained momentum. - Rated five stars in Apple Podcasts - Featured under business "new and noteworthy" in Apple Podcasts - Peaked in top 15 business podcasts on Apple Podcasts Guests: Rooster Radio secures high calibre guests who are excelling in the world of business, entrepreneurship and sport in Australia. Previous guests include Coopers Brewery chairman Glenn Cooper, Forbes editor-at-large Rich Karlgaard, AFL legend Matthew Pavlich, Australian Fashion Labels founders Dean and Melanie Flintoft, global business growth expert Jana Matthews and Australian of the Year (SA) Dr John Greenwood, with many more influential and interesting guests to come. Hosts: Andrew Montesi, founder at Apiro Consulting and Apiro Media head of marketing at PickStar, media and marketing specialist, entrepreneur and former TV news reporter. & James Begley, founder of PickStar and Tract Leadership, leadership consultant, entrepreneur and former AFL footballer. Rooster Radio is made in Adelaide, South Australia by Apiro Media -

Dr Phillp Alvelda is one of America's Leading tech engineers and minds.

A pioneer in Artificial Intelligence, Dr Alvelda has been developing anthropomorphic AI and machine learning tools, digital twins, and synthetic personalities.

He is the founding CEO of Cortical.AI, and is formerly of NASA and the Defense Advanced Research Agency (a department of the US Defence Force). He also founded Mobi TV, the first company to bring live TV to mobile devices.

Dr Alvelda is at the forefront of a world where technology is advancing mankind, pioneering a brain-machine interface industry that helps the blind see, the deaf hear and the paralysed regain movement.

And yet fear of AI and a perceived threat of robots remains, concerns that Dr Alvelda addresses in our interview.

We cover that and a range of other issues including the future of anthropomorphic AI, opportunities, ethical considerations and much more.

Dr Alvelda will be in Adelaide sharing his insights at Hybrid World, a tech conference held on July 23 and 24, 2018. Find out more at the Hybrid World website.

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Massive Joes is a household name in the fitness industry in Australia and even internationally, but it is a business story that isn't widely known.

Founder Joseph Mencel, 31, has grown the company into one of Australia's largest supplement retailers, with a booming web business, eight stores across Adelaide, Perth and Melbourne, another one opening soon in Sydney, and a separate apparel company that's growing globally.

Joe explains how he has built brand loyalty that most companies can only dream of. Massive Joes has a highly engaged social media community of one million users, and gyms are filled with people proudly wearing the Team Massive Joes brand.

Joe benefits from being a first mover. He started importing supplements over a decade ago when few products were available locally, and he profited from launching the first supplement eBay store before building the first version of

Amazingly, the company remained a side project for a number of years while Joe completed mechanical engineering and law degrees. After a stint in the Santos legal department, he decided to throw himself into Massive Joes full time.

Joe takes us through the evolution of the company, the power and traps of social media, his vision for the business, and personally, how he lives the values of Massive Joes both as a CEO and bodybuilder.

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Coopers Brewery is one of Australia's most iconic and much loved brands. It is the country's largest independent brewing company, the world's largest producer of home-brew equipment, and rated the world's top family business. Coopers chairman, Glenn Cooper, shared the brewery's amazing story on Rooster Radio. Glenn is a fifth generation Cooper. The company was founded by Thomas Cooper in 1862, and has survived recessions, the Great Depression, World War 2 and other enormous challenges, including a hostile takeover attempt. Glenn talks about the pivotal moments for Coopers, and why its shareholders strongly oppose "selling out" despite the potential for a big pay day. Joining the family business wasn't initially on Glenn's career plan. He was told to choose another path, as the brewery would not survive let alone thrive. So he studied engineering and found success in his own right after starting a computing company. Glenn says that jobs for family members at the brewery are not automatic, they need to be earned after life experience has been gained in other fields. After joining the company in 1990 and taking on the sales and marketing portfolio, Glenn was credited for helping Coopers reach new levels of growth, including international. You're in for an entertaining hour with Glenn Cooper, with great insights, stories and plenty of laughs. Find out more about Coopers - Rooster Radio is hosted by Andrew Montesi and James Begley. Connect with Rooster Radio - sign up to our mailing list and join our Facebook community: For podcasting strategy, production and commercial services, visit: For other content and marketing services, visit: (Andrew Montesi) For leadership and and high performance services, visit: (James Begley)

Nyoman Puja Astawa walked away from a high paying engineering job in Jakarta to become one of the few Balinese people to develop his own villa and cafe business in Bali. When he quit, his mother also had a stroke and Puja went home to care for her. He lost his income and for a little while, his way. Puja shares how he used his engineering skills, and his network, to help develop his site. Without a background in hospitality, he is also learning as he goes. Puja talks about the challenging relationship between business and culture in Bali. A traditional way of thinking means that being entrepreneurial, or investing in the future, is not considered by many locals. The many customary obligations also make entry into business difficult. But four months into building his business, Puja's philosophy of "don't look back" and an emphasis of fostering relationships with guests has brought early success. Other issues covered in the chat: Leaving the high paying job, Bali business culture, the process of setting up a villa complex and lessons learned, marketing and personal service. Andrew saw it first hand when staying at Puja's Villa Puspa with his wife - no "cash for comment" here - just a chat with another Rooster sharing his interesting experiences in another part of the world! Villa Puspa is in an amazing location - a quiet Balinese village among rice paddies a a kilometre from Kedungu Beach (known for its great surf break). It is just a couple of k's from Tanah Lot temple. Visit: Hosted by Apiro Consulting's Andrew Montesi. Connect with Rooster Radio: For media, content and marketing services, visit: For leadership and and high performance services, visit: